Blind CDR/W Drive


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Just purchased new PC from PC WH - Pent3-733mHz, 128MBRam, 20Gig HD, Win98 2ndEd. Has two CD drives - a 52xCDRom, and a 8-32x Creative CD R/W burner.

Problem: CD R/W burner cannot "see" the CD-ROM drive or any disc I insert in it.

Message I get is along the lines of "..Please be sure drive you are using is a SCSI/IDE bus CD-ROM drive...etc..."

System > Device Manager shows zero conflicts.

Que Paso?

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Lightbulb CDRW

It's possible that the CDRW was not intstalled properly, you could try re-installing it. But as this is a new system it would be best to go to the shop and have a moan at those who sold it to you, they love that sort of thing, keeps their minds active
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Could be that that CDRW wants to be the "Master" drive. Kinda like Epson printers wont work if they are daisy chained. (least mine wouldn't)

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Thanks folks - I've already returned it to PC Warehouse for a full refund - don't have the patience for this nonsense. Yesterday I went to GW and ordered one of theirs.

First of all my preconceived notions of CDR and CDR/W were ALL wrong! I thought copying a CD onto CD-RW could be treated the same way as onto an old Cassette: Tape a couple track today, throw it in a drawer, tape some more tomorrow, etc. Was I ever wrong! Turns out you have to load ALL the tracks, AT once, onto the harddrive in the form of a "play list" or what ever your driver calls it. THEN, and ONLY then, do you click "Burn". (wasn't my MIS degree from college supposed to teach me all this?...)

Acc. to the sales person at Gateway, all components are tested for compatibility before they go into a system, so at least I won't be getting all those "not configured properly" warnings for everything from the modem to the CD drives!

"...a good computer is like a vacuum cleaner - it works out of the box.."

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