GUI on WCB3000N MoCa Adapters?


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GUI on WCB3000N MoCa Adapters?

Hi All,

I have two WCB3000N MoCa wifi adapters that I was using in my home network. I have since upgraded my network and am no longer using them. Therefore, I'd like to give them to my in-laws.

In order to do that, I would like to pre-program them with my in-laws' wifi SSID and password so that my in-laws' devices can all connect to them. However, I can't access the GUI now, and I don't recall how I did it in the past. On the back of the adapters, it gives both a WECB-XXXX.local (where XXXX is a 4 digit number specific to each adapter) and a However, I can't access the GUI on either of them doing that. I've tried connecting to each one both through wifi and ethernet. I can connect to each one both ways, but I still cannot access the GUI using either of the numbers/addresses on the backs. I get messages of "This site can't be reached [ip address] is unreachable."

Does anyone know how I can access the GUI? I've tried resetting both using the reset button on the back. (I'm assuming they reset because the lights all flashed, the power light turned red, and then about 30 seconds later the lights went back to normal - also they are now each broadcasting their original SSIDs).

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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I think this should work:

(1) Log in to your main router interface.

(2) Record the IPís of the connected devices.

(3) Connect your WCB3000N WAN port to a LAN port on the main router, and then power on the WCB3000N .

(4) Re-examine the IPís of the connected devices on the main router.

(5) You should see an additional IP which will be the IP of the WCB3000N (I think the main router might also identify the WCB3000N by name Ė not sure though).

(6) Use the IP from (5) in your browser to access the WCB3000N .

I think that should work.

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