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Hello, can anyone recommend a good Zip program with plenty of options built in ?

Thanks 808
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The most common is WinZip. It alows you to do disk spanning with floppies. I have not used any others, but there arn't a whole lot of options when it comes to zipping. You may also want to check out WinRar, another compression utility. I think it has a little better compression then zip, but unsure.

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808, I use Power Archiver. This is a full blown version with all the extras and is a free download,,000YH3,.html

I got the error program you posted earlier and look forward to my next blue screen, LOL! Keep any useful programs coming because I am a fool for a great tool.

I have many programs, mostly free downloads, that are very useful so I will pass this one on to you. EndItAll will close all running programs with a click except systray and explorer so you can download or possibly save data if having trouble. Get it here and it is a free download,,0011NB,.html Mike
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Thumbs up Zip

Thanks for your replies and for the links, I'll check them out
I've often seen the odd question in various forums across the net about changing the famous Blue Screen of Death colour, I'm looking into a small utility that does exactly that and if it does actually manage to change the dreaded BSofD I'll post the link here, I'm not saying I enjoy getting that particular screen but a different background colour would make a nice change while I workout what the problem might be

Cheers 808

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