Backing Up Files(how)?


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Hello Everyone: I am fairly new to this! Can someone tell me HOW TO BACK UP MY FILES? I have never done it! I am running Windows 98SE. What do I need? I only have Floppy 1.44 right now. Is everything on my Desktop considered a File? Any Help PLEASE Thank You Tom
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1. using floppies, go and buy about 1000+ (depending on the size of your HD)

you have 3 or 4 options for backups, TAPE, ZIP, ORB, CDR or additional HD.

If you get a Tape drive (ie Jaz or colorado, ...) they usualy come with a backup program. If you choose to go the floppy route you have to make sure you have backup installed from your 98 cd. The orb drive also comes with its own backup utility and has a capacity of 2.2Gb, whereas the zip is either 100 or 250 meg. Tapes can range from 650Mb to 20Gb (the bigger the more expensive)

When you backup, backup anything you "can't" stand to loose, such as .doc files, finance files, and any programs you can no longer "find" the CD's for., etc.

When you first start the program it will list your drives on the left (2 colums normaly) and your backup location on the right. you expand the drive you wish to backup from and then expand each folder and check each file/folder/program you wish to back up. It will save the backup as a catolog file. when restoring you can restore the entire catolog or you can pick each file/folder you wish to restore.

There are several sites that offer reviews of backup media that you can review to help make your decision a little easier. and

you also have a few diff backup options, differential, full, incrimental. I forget the the difference between diff and incrimental backups, one only backs up after a full backup is done, but only backs up any info that has changed since the last backup. (I think its differential).

Man my spelling sucks this morning.


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