NC10 'white screen' fix-

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Samsun NC10 netbook - 'white screen' fix-

First, for anyone who still has a Samsun NC10 netbook, the 2021 build of 32-bit Windows 10 runs REALLY well on my minimally upgraded Samsung NC10 netbook: upgrades are 2 GB of memory and swapping in a SSD.
I've got a NC10 which is running Windows 10 and idling down at 6%-9% CPU usage!

FIRST- to get the NC10 it to run well, you will NEED a SSD drive, but the 2021` 'basic installation' of 32 Bit Win10 only takes up 21 GB. So you can use a $20-$25 120 GB SSD and still have plenty of room for users and files. The 2GB memory chip is about $25 on ebay.

SECOND- you will need to go to the Samsung website to download and re-install "Easy Display Manager" and "Easy Keyboard Manager" to re-enable the hotkeys for WiFi, volume, and MOST importantly screen brightness.

Turns out, that in addition to the issues with the NC10 video cable, the NC10 fan collects dust, and the NC10's plastic backshell collects dust, and over time the thermal paste between the metal fan housing and the CPU & GPU breaks down.
I suspect this was causing my NC10's temperatures to spike, adding to the 'white screen' problem for the GPU AND to the 'running painfully slow' problem due to CPU thermal throttling.

All I needed to dramatically improve (not totally fix) the 'white screen' was screwdriver, Q-tips, silicone oil, and some thermal paste.

Remove the battery & screws from the back case.
Carefully pry open the case.
Remove and clean the dust off the interior of the backshell with a Q-tip.
Unscrew the fan assembly, carefully remove the power connector.
The fan blades are held on the fan assembly by magnetism, the blades slide right out. Use a Q-tip to clean the blades, the motor, and metal duct.

Use a Q-tip to dab a drop of silicone oil/sewing machine oil onto the fan shaft, and onto the motor hole, pop fan back in.

Clean the old thermal paste off the CPU and GPU.
Dab thermal paste onto the CPU & GPU, replace the metal duct and screw down.

Replace the backshell and screws.

My NC10 had been almost unusable because of the 'white screen failure'. The NC10 has 8 levels of brightness, mine would go white unless it was at level 1 or 2 (meaning you could only use it with an external monitor or in a dim room).

After cleaning the fan and refreshing the thermal paste, it is running stable at brightness settings 1-6 and with although 'finicky' it will even run at full level 8 brightness if you fiddle with screen tilt and brightness.
This means you turn the brightness down, fiddle with the screen tilt, then bring the brightness up, which is a bit finicky, BUT suddenly the NC10 is usable again. Even full sunlight.


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