Defraging Isn't Working


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Pat Fox
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I had the defraging in with scheduled tasks for once a week at 3am and it worked this way for a long time. The last few weeks when this task is scheduled, I would wake up to a blue screen which says fatal error. This happened a couple of weeks in a row, so now I do the defraging manually every week and I don't get the blue screen. I watched it defraging yesterday and exactly every 10 minute the screen would go white and it said "reading drive information. The percentage scanned would drop back to zero and then as the dark blue squares scrolled down to where it stopped the percentage would rise again. This happened 4 times, then when I got to the bottom, the top 1/4 of the screen was dark blue squares, there was a gap of white screen and then a lot of program files at the bottom that the defraging didn't touch. Is this stopping and starting what is giving me the fatal error when I have it in scheduled tasks and is there any way to correct this problem? Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can provide. Pat
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It is not uncommon that defrag will restart several times before it finally completes. Everytime there is a hard drive write /read it thinks the contents have been modified and restarts.

As far as your fatal error, I'm not sure, but I would make sure that any antivirus software is shutdown during the time in which defrag is run and see what happens. Is you antivirus software scheduled to run around the time defrag is scheleduled to run ?

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Pat Fox
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My antivirus comes up at start up but was not scheduled to run during the time I had my defraging scheduled nor when I did it mannually. I did notice one other thing thing that I neglected to mention in my first post. I am running 64 MB of ram and before defragging I had 91% free, but after defraging, the computer was shut down and restarted and I only had 89% free and this lower % continues. I don't know if this will give you more insite into the problem or not. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Pat
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Pat Fox, Here are some thoughts to go along with dkerrs. When disabling antivirus(which you shoud do) set your screensaver to not run while defraging. Have a look at Drives Contents Have Changed-MSKB and read all......Mike

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Pat Fox
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I do not have a screen saver and will disable my antivirus program when I am defraging from now on. I checked out the site you posted but could not find the information you told me to read. Thanks again for your help. Pat
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Pat, So Sorry I wasn't real clear in my last post. Sometimes what I write makes so much sense to me but is lost on down the line. Defraging runs with no problems as long as we don't violate some of Windows rules. There is a wealth of info as far as quantity but most most repeat the same :no screensaver, desktop upates(active desktop), disable anti-virus and a couple of other things. There are so many more things that can cause restarting defrag. What we need to do is make sure you are an expert in defrag and then see if the blue screen wants to still be a problem. I don't know how long it has been since a good defrag but that my be the simple cause of that. BTW, if you get the error again note the details and post. Read and do the MSKB link info from start to finish. Some you will aleady have set, cleared ect. and others will not be. Be sure to note running Disk Cleanup and a Thorough ScanDisk would help. On the MSKB page they suggest disabling some things in msconfig and I like to disable all in startup except: a. ScanRegistry
b. SystemTray
c. LoadPowerProfile (Usually twice)
d. TaskMonitor
For details on this get back.
If you do all of this you will be ready to deal with the blue screen that hopefully won't come back. I go into all of this because if you can't defrag it won't be long before you have trouble.....Mike

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Pat, I guess by now you think I'm nuts. I have been thinking about what you said about there not being anything at the site I posted above and clicked the link and it is the wrong one. I have changed it and here is the correct one also. Drives Contents Have Changed-MSKB
This should help.....Mike
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I hate windows defrag with a passion!! Everything you have described happened to me.I used to have to reserve a whole day to let this run...Until I invested in Norton Utilities!!Hooray...Defrag takes about 30 mins and not an error in sight..I can leave all of my background apps running without any problems.There are other progammes on the same disk that when used reguarly keep the pc very efficiant...I cant reccomend it enough!!

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