Hp Scanjet 5200C scanner problems


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Have this scanner.. worked fine for awhile, now does not.
Have uninstalled and reinstalled at least three times.(Per HP directions) HP no help. Newsgroups, and other sites suggest that it is a driver problem from HP, that it does not work with Win 98 ( which I have) HP absolutely no help whatsoever. Paid $300 for this machine, thought better brand would be better, but was I ever wrong! This is a USB scanner. Have done everything I can think of. Does anyone have any suggestions before I just dump it and chalk up my losses? Am ready to buy a cheap scanner. Hate to do that when this one is only a year or so old. I have tried scanning directly from Hp software... it just 'sits there', nothing happenes. Tried using Adobe Photo to scan.... Get "error message there is a problem wioth the scanner", same thing with Live Pix program. Help?? Have a Gateway computer, 256 RAM, plenty of empty hard drive space, etc. Please advise if more info needed.
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Did you change the operating system before this happened?

Basically did you make any changes to your system prior to the scanner "malfunction"?
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Angry My Hp scanner problem

I have not done any system changes at all. Was advised to check the Device manager at one point... nothing shopwing there as a possible problem. I do also use a usb port on my computer for my HP 970Cse printer... have completely uninstalled the scanner software, unplugged evertythiong per instructions andf started over again. Did this 3 times. Thank you any help you can offer.
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Some more suggestions:
1. Try installing the scanner by itself without the printer
2. Try switching the USB cable
3. Try switching the USB port
4. Check the USB drivers
5. Try turning on the scanner first before the PC

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irishthomas, Good list of things to try above. Also, if you have another computer or someone would let you install the scanner to see if it will work on theirs it would help rule out a bad scanner. I doubt it is a driver problem if it was working well and then stopped....Mike
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Angry My HP scanner problem

Not sure what you meant: Are you sggesting that I first uninstall my printer, THEN try to install the scanner again?
And: By switching the usb cable/port do you mean switch which ones is being used by scanner and printer? Right now have scanner on Port1, Printer on port2. Haven't had a problem with printer ever. Was told by someone (?) don't remember who, that since the scanner was recognized with the plug and play, that there isn't a problem with the usb port. But then, I'm far from a Tech, so am willing to do just about anything at this point since I have $300+ invested in this darn scanner. The scanner is set up by default to come on after the pc.. usually I hear it start up about five minutes after I turn on the pc.
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Angry Reply to Mike

Thank you too, for your input... please read my response. Have checked the HP site, no new drivers for this particular model (5200c) Checked a few other web sites that had message boards complaining about this model.. but none had answers. Also, heard that this model does is not compatible with Win 98, but MAY work with ME... ???
The mystery continues?
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I also owned a 5200c HP scanner that I ran with Win98se without any problems. Owned it for over 2 yrs. without a prob. So I would say that you could rule out the os.
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HP 5200C Scanjrt scanner

Thanks to everyone who tried to help. My son came for vacation, he is a tech himself... did evverything you all suggested and more to no avail. Also tried it on a Win ME operating system. Per HP ideas, also checked chipset, etc. Bottom line- no go.. he thinks drivers are bad.. no updated driver from HP available, infact this scanner no longer sold? So- went out and bought a new scanner, works like a charm, also is USB (Umax) Would not recommend this brand to anyone, printers are super, but wasted $300 for a "good brand name scanner".
Thanks again for all your suggestions and help.

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