DVD problem - change graphics card setting?


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Hi all...I have a Hewlett Packard desktop PC with a DVD player. Back in February, I brought it in for service because the DVD player would not work (error message: Another application is preventing DVD playback). The service tech easily found the problem and fixed it; he said he had to change a setting on the graphics card for the DVD player. It worked fine after that. I havenít used the DVD in awhile, but now I find I get the very same message as before. That service center is now out of business and HP support is keeping me on hold for an eternity. So, my question: How do I change the graphics card setting? I canít seem to find this anywhere. Thanks in advance. Jon
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Did the service tech tell you what setting (s)he changed? did he change the color (16,256,16M, 32M?) or did he change the size? (640x480, 800x600, 1024x786...) You can get to display properties 2 ways, you can right click any where on the desktop (no open windows) then click on properties, and the settings, advanced button at bottom right gives you more options, or you can can go start-settings-control panel-display.

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Brian, My problem has been solved. I went to the support site for my graphics card and downloaded and installed an updated driver. Works like a charm now. Thanks for you input. Jon

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