DVD herky and jerky


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Hi all...I ran a recent post with a DVD issue that I thought I resolved by downloading a new driver (previously the DVD displayed the message: "another device is interfering with DVD playback"). As it turns out, my DVD player is able to load, but the image is extremely jerky. The audio works perfectly. Any advice? Thanks, Jon
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What is your cpu and memory , bus speed ? Is this a new problem, or was there since you installed the dvd ?
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Hi dkerr (and others)
It's an HP 650 mhz Pentium 3 with 128MB RAM. The DVD came with the unit. I hadn't tested it for nearly a year - didn't have any DVDs - but when I finally did, I received the error message ("another device is interfering with DVD playback"). I brought it in for servicing and the tech said all he had to do was change a setting for the graphics card. It worked fine for awhile, then recently reverted to the original error message. The tech center is now out of business and HP support is clueless and takes an eternity. I went to the graphics card web site and downloaded an updated driver; this allowed the DVD player to load, but the video is extremely jerky The audio is fine. Thanks for any help you can offer. Jon.
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You just shot down most of my ideas.

A lot can play a part in terms of video playing smoothly, some of those being ...
memory, cpu speed, bus speed, video card

being a pentium 3 650, 128 meg memory & I assume since it is a pentium 3 it will likely have a bus speed of at least 100 .

"another device is interfering with DVD playback"

what is in there ?

What sits in your system box (bottom right of screen)

I am looking for another piece of software that may auto run at boot up that could interfere.

If you have the make / model # of your dvd player I will search to see if there is any specific issues with this player.

dvd help site

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Cool DVD

I was thinking that... Are you running the DVD as a slave or master? I would think that sharing it with the hard drive/another CD ROM would have an effect. Try setting it up on it's own IDE connector and not shared on the ribbon from the HD or CD.

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