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I have Windows ME installed and am using Netscape 4.75. I have tried Netscape 6.0 and hate it. The problem is this-
in the last several months, sites stop loading and someone told me to 'uncheck' java script in my preferences. This does work but what a pain as sometimes I need to go back in and recheck this. Sometimes I have had to do this many, many times per session. Is there anything I can do to remedy this?
I have emailed Netscape but, apparently, no one's home(?!?)
Does anyone know when a better version of Netscape is going to come out(better than 6.0, that is)?
Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.
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Post Netscape and windows ME

Hello. I have heard that netscape and AOL have problems with windows ME. Try enableing all java. This should help. Also I think I have seen that Netscape 6.1 is out now. I prefer IE over netscape for the java problems and when I built this computer I stayed with Windows 98 first edition due to ME being so user un-friendly and requireing alot of ram to run properly. My wifes computer has windows ME and 300 megs of ram and still has problems with ME. Also try going to windows update site and see if there is anything there. Good luck.... Greg.
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Thanks for the reply. Here's the thing, tho-I always have all java enabled. It's just when pages stop loading that I have to go in and uncheck the 'java script'. Then pages will start loading just fine. This only happens at certain sites. Then when I leave that site and start surfing, I must re-enable java-script. Geez.
So far (knock on wood), I have had no trouble with ME. When I first got this new 'puter with ME installed, I got rid of a lot of 'junk'. All the useless stuff in the start-up went bye-bye and I don't really think that it's slow at all. Before getting the new computer I was using Win98 and just loved it. If I knew what I was doing, I would really like to go back to that. I will just wait for the next netscape 4x update and see if they have fixed the problem. Thanks,
again, for replying.
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I tried upgrading to Netscape 4.75 and 6.0 a while back and had to give up; they both either wouldn't properly install and/or crashed when trying to launch. I reverted to 4.73 which works fine. I also (reluctantly) have started using IE as my default browser.
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Cool IE

Fortunately/unfortunately the net pretty much runs on MS software. Try IE 6.0 available from Windoze. You have enough computer to run it and it will save you on your Motrin bill. The only downside is itís a large program, 15 plus megs. If youíre on dialup well you know. Cable modems rock!!! I hear allot of people having problems with ME. I have it on 2 PC's and a laptop and have had absolutely no problems. And I USE my computers! Always downloading and playing with something.
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