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I have a Gateway PC about 2 years old.My Monitor has been acting up lately,but once I restarted it went back to normal.Yesterday however it just stayed black screen.The power (on and off button)keeps blinking (green),but thats all it does.I checked my cable connections,did all the troubleshooters...and no sucess.I got on with a tech.person,and he said he couldn't help me and transferd me to a person who wanted to purchase a new Monitor.I don't want a new one,unless I have to get one and I feel like they don't want to help because they rather have me buy one.Should I take this to somebody and have it checked,is there anything I can do to see if it's the Monitor and if so is it really broken or what should I do? Any help would be greatly appriciated.Thank you
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You probably don't need a new monitor.

When does this happen?

Does this occur when the computer is idle for a while, and you are trying to "wake it up"?

If so, there are a couple of things you can check out:

If you have background software running which has anything to do with the monitor, like a TV card, it may be the culprit. Check the icons at the bottom right. Exit anything like that.

Check your power management settings in the bios. Try it with power management turned off.

Check the screen saver settings. Try using "None".

If you do one of these at a time, you should find the problem. If it's a background program, use msconfig to stop loading it at startup.

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My Mag Innovison did the same thing, cept I didnt let it wear its self out, I helped it by putting it under the bathroom with a leaky drain pipe. Needless to say when I get home I get to listen to it go fzz, pff, pftz when I turned it on. Took it to a repair shop (hundreds here in atlanta) for $60 they replaced a diode and a few other components and I was on my way. Been 3 years since and still works like new. I just wish it was the 19" version instead of the 15".

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Try plugging in the Monitor to a different outlet on a different circuit in your house. Keep it hooked up to your computer. Monitors are very picky when it comes to power. I have seen this happen several times before. Let me know if that makes it work. John
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Thumbs down Monitor

I want to thank everybody for their help.Unfortunally I still had no luck,except this morning as I turned my PC on,the Monitor came on too...but only for about 5 minutes and then it went black again.This is really getting a bit frustrating.
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Before you buy a new monitor you should try hooking up yours to another computer ( a friends of family members ) and see if it works then. If the light is still blinking but the monitor won't power all the way up then yours is working it is just staying in standby mode. Monitors generally last about 10 years. Most monitors have a three year warrantee.
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Cool Good post

Good answers guys but one we forgot, the video card could cause this also. By the blinking light on it is in standby mode. If the video card has failed that will cause that. So it has been mentioned to hook it up to another computer. Do that, take it to a computer shop and see if they will let you/them plug it into something else. Even if the monitor is bad it will not hurt the other computer. If it works a video card is much cheaper than a new monitor. If you have a Gateway store in town they will do it for sure! I like Gateway, they treat their customers like people not just dollars!
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Sat up last night,tried all the things I know and still nothing.I did hook it up to my Sons,but it did the same screen.I did all the check ups twice now,and I'm pretty much at the end of my rope.Unfortunally I don't have a Gateway store in my town,I had a few Tech People online......and they ALL wanted to sell me a new Monitor !!!!
I wanna thank everybody for your help.....if I somehow come up with another solution and it works...I will let you know.Thanks to everybody
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I know that this won't work on your computer ( since you tried the monitor on another computer ) but just for information. I have had several people in the last few months that have had monitor trouble like yours. On one I was able to fix the problem by plugging in the monitor to a different outlet. The others ( Dell & Gateway computers ) were caused by the modem going bad. Removing the modem solved the problem right away. I just installed new modems and they have not had any problems since.

PS. Allot of lightning trouble here in Kansas with modems

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