How do you set an application to act as a default program?


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This is a question that an advanced computer person should be able to answer easily.

I have several .jpg pictures on my hard drive. In the past, I have always used a program called "Microsoft Picture It" to open these pictures to view them.

Somehow, my son did something on my computer that changed the default program to a program called "Pictureview". IN OTHER WORDS, when I go into Windows explorer and locate a .jpg file that I want to open, it does not have the "Microsoft Picture It" icon next to the file, but the "Pictureview" icon instead. When I doubleclick on the file to open it, I get an error message that reads ..."Windows cannot find PictureViewer.exe"...

This is part of an application that I did not want on the computer and is part of the Apple Quicktime 5 software.

All I want to do is to restore "Microsoft Picture It" as my default program to open and work with all pictures.

Can someone walk me through the steps of restoring it?

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find a jpg file on your computer.
move the mouse arrow over it and right click on it
select OPEN WITH
choose program
click ok.

Your file association should now be restored to the program you want.
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Smile Thank you

I appreciate the help. I finally just uninstalled the Apple Software. I'm running Windows 98. I did try what you suggested, but it never gave me that option...just "open".

I love this forum though!
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In that case you will have to manualy change the program you wish the file to be associated with. Open windows explorer, click on view, then folder options. Click on the file type tab, and scroll down to the image.* (jpg,jpeg,gif)
Highlight the file you wish to change the association of (tip: you can type the first letter of the type to skip down the list, and then scroll the rest of the way). Click edit, and then edit below the ation to be taken field. Browse to the program you what to open,view the file with and then click OK.

Its been a while, but I think you can also just "remove" the extension instead of editting it, when you go to open a file with the removed extension you will then be prompted to choose the program you wish to use, follow Dkerr's instructions at that point.


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Thanks Brian!

Thanks so much. Now I know!

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