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I have an EpsonStylus640color printer the paper is jamming when i go to print one side of the paper feed in before the other causing it to go in at an angle and jamming this is a cheap printer but i just spent fifty bucks on new cartriges any help would be appreciated
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Try checking the levers for adjusting your paper guides, then go into the printer properties and clean the rollers and guides. Greg.
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The rollers may need to be replaced, you have not mentioned if this is a new printer or not, but one side of the transport rollers is the gear side,if the gear side is the side pulling your paper in faster, it could be that the tention on the rollers is not even, or the roller itself bend from previous jams. Also, have you changed paper types? some printers do not feed different stocks very well, try a different paper weight to eliminate variables. Check to see if your feed rollers are glazed, or if there is something in the feed path along the edge that is not feeding fast enough.
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If you find that your rollers are slick to the touch, or glazed, do not clean them with ISO, it will clean them, but will also dry out the rollers, causing them to crack and/or split. Replacing feed tires on a cheap printer is not a good idea, most companies will charge you more for the service then what the printe is worth.

If you do decide to clean the tires, use a degreaser such as simple green (my personal fav for cleaning office equipment) or 409 or something along those lines. You can go one step further by getting a small bottle of platten roller cleaner (rubber rejuvinator) from an office supply store or typewritter repair place may have some.

Chances are good that there is either a small piece of paper in the feed path, or the feed pressure plate is no raising all the way. The feed plate is usualy spring loaded and uses an rotating cam to release the pressure.

Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half, then slide it into the printer on the side that is not feeding and slide it through the side that is feeding and see if the resitance feels any differnt. You can also attempt to unplug the printer to stop the gears just after the feed plate makes contact with the feed tires and gently pull on each corner of a sheet of paper to see if the pressure is even on each side.



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