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07-12-01, 08:17 PM   #1  
How do I format my hard drive to install a Windows program?

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07-13-01, 04:35 AM   #2  
Use a start up disk. If your using win95/98/ME create a startup disk, put it in the drive let the system boot up. At the A prompt type format c: . If it tells you invalid drive then you have to fdisk the drive first (or use partition magic) I am not sure if fdisk will be on the start up disk, you may have to copy it over from your windows directory. To see if its on your floppy type dir/w/s at the A: prompt. (/w is for wide, /s is for one screen at a time) If you have fdisk on the floppy, type fdisk at the A: select enable large drive support if you have a large disk, select create primary partition, choose max size, if you want to create more then one partition, select creat extended partition, choose the size you want it to be, then select create logical partition and choose maximum size. Then you can format each drive you created.

ex. HD is 20g, primary is 20g, but you want 2 partitions, 10g each. extended would then be 20g and each logical would be 10g, drives c and d.

(I think...going on memory here, but my memory sucks, I may have the logical and extended info a bit off, But I think all is correct)

After all partitions have been created, exit fdisk, type format c: and/or format d: and/or format e: When formating is done you are ready to load the os.

I always make at least 2 partitions, 1 3-4g for the OS only and the rest for programs, that way if anything ever happens I can always make an image of my os partiition and use backups with out digging out all my cd's and re-installing the programs.


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07-13-01, 07:01 AM   #3  
Like BSB said the fdisk works good. I always use just 1 partition. There are other 3rd party software out there that works good too. Partition magic and if you need a copy of Maxtors software I can send you a copy. It's on a floppy. It will format and partition any hard drive and its really good software. Good luck.

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