Marketplace in FB

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Marketplace in FB

Have not been a fan of social media and know very little about it but a friend told me to use Marketplace on FaceBook to sell some items I have. How good and safe is Marketplace? As an example I buy and return a lot from Amazon and I find the Amazon return policy excellent. Does Marketplace has something similar?

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FB marketplace is mostly private sales and I doubt there is a return policy. I've only bought one item [table saw] on there and have not sold anything. My grandson routinely buys/sells cars and parts on there.
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Facebook Marketplace operates a lot like Craigslist, newspaper etc. You post it, and somebody gets interested, y'all meet up & you sell it. I suppose you could ship stuff like Ebay, but for me, its mostly local stuff. It ain't really designed to sell & ship like Ebay & FB does not get involved. You're on your own.

You do need a FB account/profile to post the items. It has to be a private FB page. It can not be a business page. At least that's my understanding.
FYI: car dealers & car salesmen for example, post cars for sale under their private FB page so people will contact them about the vehicle. Technically, they aint supposed to do that.

FYI: The rules say you must use your real name, info etc or else its considered a fake account & thats not allowed. But, many people have fake names/profiles. I actually do. I do not do the social media thing so I created a fake generic name & only included the info necessary & it was fake as well. Just letting you know you can do it, but if they do somehow catch it, they can delete your account & anything connected to it like items for sale in FB Marketplace.
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I've sold things on there and had no problems. Yes, it's best for local stuff, cash only sales, it's private sellers and buyers and no return policy. . It is like Craigslist but depending on what you're selling, I think it sells faster. I sold my stuff in days.
If you want to ship things or not meet up with people for cash, I'd use Ebay. I've sold everything I listed on there, too, only there's a small fee.
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Thanks for the education folks, always learning......
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FB marketplace is a person to person sale. there is no guarantee.
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It's the new person to person venue. It's not any different than the classified ads when I was a kid or Craigslist of earlier this century.

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