Lexmark Z43 Incompatibility

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My old HP 682C finally died, so I went to Best Buy for a replacement. The guy there sold me on the above captioned model. It was just $ 99, was fast, etc., so I got it.

I uninstalled my HP driver, rebooted, and proceeded to hook up and install the Lexmark and drivers. Everything went well, but I could not get it to print. Tried everything I could think of and called support. The chap walked me through a few steps before telling me that a new IEEE-1284 cable would fix my problem.

Spent the $20 for a good cable, and guess what? NO printing.

Called tech support back, got another tech who spent about an hour trying to help. Finally gave up and said would have to research and would e-mail the findings. No e-mail came, so a couple of nights later, I called again and got another tech who spent another hour or so walking me through the troubleshooting steps. No help. She told me it was my computer's problem. I told her I had printed with the HP for several years with no problem and I just couldn't understand why my system couldn't handle their drivers, etc.

My system is PentiumPro180 with 256 mg ram with plenty of hard drive space.

The Z43 will print in dos and will print their test page, but WILL NOT print from a Windows 98 app.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I can swap it for another Lexmark Z43, but don't know if I want to waste another week messing with this problem.

Thanks for the help.

BTW, I reinstalled the HP driver, and my old printer prints, though very noisily.

Can their really be such an incompatibility with my machine?
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Hello. I had a sound card and modem that worked like that. To get them work I went into add new hardware in the control panel and installed the drivers there. They both worked then. If I tryed to load the drivers by going through system it didn't work. Give the add new hardware a try. Greg.
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Thanks for the idea. That is one of the many steps I have already tried. I know that I could quickly troubleshoot if I had another system to try this printer on, but I don't.

Any other thoughts, anyone?
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Under printer properties, the correct port is selected? Is this a dual port printer? (parrallel and usb?) Is it daisy chained off a scanner? or any other devie? Some of the newer printers seem to have ahang up about being 2nd in line. If it prints in dos but not win, sounds like a driver error, have you tried to load the ms generic lexmark drivers from windows with out useing driver disk?

I would do the following:

1) Check port configuration.

2) Check for updated drivers on the lexmark homepage.

3) Try different a generic text only driver.

4) Tie printer to train tracks, sit in lawn chair, open beer, wait for train, grin with satisfaction as the object of my frustration is obliterated.
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Three ideas (probably already covered by tech support)
1. Check you bios setting for the parallel port to see if you have a mismatch with what the printer wants. (unidirectional, ECP etc..)
2. Check your bios to make sure the USB support is turned on to the proper setting (which could be any number of configs and it may take several reboots to test them all.)
3. If you have Win 98 1st ed. some of the USB drivers were a little flakey. Also, with USB you sometimes have to install the drivers before you plug in the device.

good luck.


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