Norton utilities+scheduler??


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I am trying to get Norton utilities to run speed disk via task scheduler. The problem is that when it fires up the programme asks me to click the NEXT button and then the START button!!
Because im in a deep sleep it kind of defeats the object!!!
Does any one here know how to config it so that the programme runs without me waking up & clicking NEXT?????!!!!!!
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First appologies to the forum for being so verbose tonight. Just feel like typing.

Now to the question, there is no easy way around any dialoge box in Windows short of some serious Macro programming. However, the benefits you get from Speed Disk can also be obtained from running MS's Disk Cleanup, Scandisk, and Defrag (in that order). All of which can be stared with scheduler. Just schedule them far enough apart so that one can finish before the other starts.

If you have 98SE you can even use Maintenance Wizard, which again can be scheduled to run unattended.
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I cant use scan disk because the Norton programme has blocked it. Norton has a scheduler on its software... or is that just a link to the win98 thing?
How frustrating!!!!!!!!
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My Two Cents

Hello toptosher

As Michael has stated, there isn't any easy way to obtain what you would like to arrange. Best solution is to follow Mikes advice and run Windows tasks using Windows scheduler.

Windows doesn't need any help from added utilities except virus protection. Norton is an excellent choice for that task. The other programs in Norton utilities are not needed.

If you already have them and want to keep them installed that's fine. But to save computer resources, turn off the Norton scheduler and the other Norton utilites except the virus protection.

You can then run the other Norton utilites manually, while your doing other tasks around the home or office. The best of both worlds.

And there you have it..."My Two Cents"....


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