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I don't know much about computers. I got a Compaq presario
that every now and then will lock. some advs me i should clean it up. how can i go by doing this? (compaq presario 5304) HELP!!
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Need more info about your Presario system:

Operating System? 95?, 98?, etc.

If so, find following information(Memory(RAM), Processor type, Hard disk space available)via the following menu hops:

START > Settings > Control Panel

Double click on "System" Icon. Select General Tab at top, will show processor type, etc.

Performance Tab will show Memory, system resources %available, etc.

Double-click "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Right-click once on your hard-drive(C. Left-click once on Properties. This should show you available space on the drive.

If need be I'll point you to Scan Disk and Disk Defragmenter, but first:

What're you using when system locks up?

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Sorry about the smiley face - that was C colon! The standard letter for most harddrives!

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Cool Compaq

You also may want to contact Compaq. I saw on CNN that there is a problem with the Presario OS and they have have a fix for it.
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this is the compaq support site, check them out.

Did you have this problem from day 1 since you got the computer ? Does it happen only when using a perticular piece of software ?

If it was ok at the beginning that what was installed / updated/uninstalled since the last time it worked fine to present ?
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nice animation d-says it all!

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yes! to your question dkerr. since day one. and it does this
when i do anything. some time works like a champ and some time it become mad.. i will give compaq tech. support a call.
Thanks guy's!!

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