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I would like to try one of the acceleration downloads that they advertise for computers, but I would like to know if they really work before I spend any money on one. We live out in the country & don't have many options for internet services.
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I haven't tried one myself, but, in my opinion, their claims are too good to be true.

With a dial-up, on a perfect connection, you won't get more than 53K download.

In the country, your phone lines are the limmiting factor.

These accelerators tweek some regestry settings and browerser settings.

Try a free download from , and try .

There stuff seemed to help me.

Good Luck!

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Right, Most of the "download boosters" only adjust your MTU (maximum transmition unit) settings or packet size. Why spend good cash on a program that only modifies that which you can do yourself, for free? Even those that boost dsl and cable performance are not realy worth spending the money. check out this link and e sure to take a look at the screen shot at the bottem of the screen, these are optimum settings for dialup.

Win 9.x

Win NT & 2K

Other settings you may find usefull:

Home page for this site that is invaluable for tweaking your system, or cleaning it up a bit.

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Not worth it.

They are not worth it! They get in and mess with your registry and can cause real problems. Like BSB says, legaly the best you can do is 44k on connect and you may see 46ish during a download but not likley. Try Dish Network, I think it's $99 a month and T1 speeds up and down, they no longer require a phone line to verify the packet.
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I want to thank everyone for the replies. I decided against trying one of the acceleration downloads. I checked out all of the sites & learned a lot. I have my computer running a little faster. I do think the problem is probably the phone lines we have.

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