Now that that modem business is resolved....


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Red face

I've been able to surf 100sites per hour instead of 10! With all that spare time, I can now ask you folks this:

My Gateway shows no BIOS/POST screen when booting up. Therefore I never see my RAM count or device detections, etc. I just get a green Gateway logo with a cow box for about 5sec. before my desktop resolves.

I'd just like to know where and how I can fix that. I know Gateway wants to spare it's customers the "nitty-gritty" during bootup, but I kinda like to know what's going on during the process.


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The settings your looking for are buried in your bios. You'll want to turn off the "Splash" screen. If you just want to check it a couple of times the "Tab" key usually works to clear the Gateway Splash and see the normal post messages.
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Cool Escape

Hitting the <ESC> key during boot up will also get rid of the boot logo but only that one time. There is a program that is highly recomended by Zdnet, CNET and me called TweakUI. Very nice little utility to get rig of things like the shortcut arrows on desktop icon, boot up selections, Icon repair tools, desktop config tool...

About Tweak UI
"Tweak UI" allows you to fine-tune ("tweak") the Windows User Interface ("UI").

Copyright 1995-1998 Microsoft Corporation

See this link...
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Will mrhoadar's suggestion - the Tab key - permanently knock that splash off my system? Or will I have to hit it every time?

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Cool every

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Also, I never used and probably never will use "third-party" tweaking utilities or patches. Too much clutter.

Must be an internal location for the setting - .ini or .sys somewhere.
Any hints out there?

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Cool Yep

Yep there is but TweakUI is offered by MS on all the 95/98 builds except ME, even 2000 uses it. I guess it was an oversight on ME. But like you I refuse to use off the wall tweaking programs except for TweakUI. It is a small program, unobtrusive and not the least bit hungry. If you are running a network it is indespensible! I seldom recomend software especialy 3rd party stuff but I have been using Tweak since the early days of 95 and never once had a problem with it. It has been so long since I have messed with settings to do what you want I will have to dig into my old files to find it.

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