computer dvd to tv?

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g day you all

I was wondering what your thought about geting a dvd player for a computer and connecting it to a tv and waching movies. I was just thinking about that since the dvd roms are around $50 to $60 where I live and it is cheaper than $200 for a dvd player.What else would I need to get or do? Thank you for your input
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Reading my mind, I am going to do the same thing in a few weeks, if the comp I work for dosnt' strike. You will need a vovi video card. (video in/video out) so you can connect it to your TV. I am not certain, but I think they now have some video cards with S-video out. If you have a reciever you will need to connect your sound card to your sound system or listen thru your pc speaker setup. and your pc close enough to your tv to make the connections. You could run cables to your pc and put a junction box near the pc and the TV and then pc can be where you want it, however that almost justifies paying the $200 for a dvd player, he!

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I have a video card that has an video/out but it is only 4mb or so but I do have a tnt2 32mb with no out but my brother who works at a computer store(he is a tech) found a vga to s-video conector he had it in his desk but he can't find it so he is looking for one so we can try it. we might get that first befor we get the dvd cdrom so we can tell if it works. Thanks for your reply
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I did this with an ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder video card.

The kit comes with a replacement video card (AGP slot), or a PCI add-on card. I have heard of problems trying to run two video cards, so I got the AGP.

This card enables:
- watching cable TV on your PC monitor. Kind of cool to have CNN on while you're doing desk work.

- sending audio/video to a TV for DVD movies. This is very cool.

Requires that the TV have either three RCA inputs (audio-left audio-right and video) or a VHS input.

The cables which come with it are very short. If your TV is any distance away, you'll have to buy long cables. I used the RCA cables and needed to buy an adaptor to hook the RCA audio plugs to the microphone jack on the sound card.

The documentation is a little lacking. I puzzled a bit over how to get the TV to recognize the new input. It adds a tab to Control Panel/Display in which you select the monitor (TV is one choice). There is a button on the ATI "console" display to take you right there.

You can watch the movie on either or both the TV or your monitor.

It works great and I would recommend it.
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Thanks for your help but we just got a dvd player for the t.v. Thanks a ton for your help


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