Could electrical problem fry my PC?

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Last night I tried to hook up my PC in my new apt. Had the computer modem plugged into the top plug of the outlet - it's light was on. Had the power strip plugged into the lower plug - it's light was on. Plugged the speakers into the power strip - lights still on. Plugged the printer into the power strip - lights still on. Plugged the hard drive into the power strip - lights off. Uh-oh. On the other side of wall the outlet is on, another outlet doesn't work anymore and the swicth for the overhead light in the next room doesn't work either - all three things are on the same wall, 2 on one side 1 on the other. None of the circuit breakers were tripped and I turned them all off and back on just to see. Nothing happened. My landlord is getting an electrician tomorrow. My concern: did I fry my hard drive? None of these things were powered up while I was connecting everything. I'm afraid to try another outlet to check it out. Thanks!
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If nothing was powered up you are probably safe. I would check the printer and the pc by its self to see if there is any damage. I dont think there would be, but you wont know untill you check.

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Were there any sparks when you plugged it in? Any burnt electrical equipment smell? If none of those happened, you're probably ok. But like BSB said, you won't know until someone plugs it in. You may want to get a UPS.
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Cool Breaker

Just because the breaker didn't trip doesn't mean it didn't fail. Go to the electrical forum and find out how to test it. Did you try the unit in another socket? With that many plugs, lights out etc the breaker had to have failed or maybe a junction failed.

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