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Hi we have hear no sounds all of a sudden from our puter. We have tried all sorts of things to no avail. It says if all fails find your sound card and call manufacturing company, how do I find it? The speaker kinda pops when turning off and on but nothing else. Thanks for any info. Pam p.s. have checked and it is not on mute
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First have you uninstalled and reinstalled the sound card via windows? i.e. removed the sound card from device manager and rebooted to let windows "attempt" to find "new hardware" and install it?

If you delete the sound card in device settings and windows fails to detect it, try moving the card to another open pci or isa slot (depending one which sound card you have) If the card is not plug and play you may have to manualy add new hardware and select sound card. If it is plug and play and your sound card fails to be detected you may have a bad sound card. If you have an on board sound card and it refuses to be detected and load you will have to purchase one and then disable onboard sound in cmos/bois before installing the new card.

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Could you tell us how to do that in a step-by-step method? We haven't a clue on how do even attempt that!?!? HELP?!?!
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Cool sound card

BSB is right but try this too/first. Also what is the OS? Win 95, 98, ME? 95 may not fully support plug and pray... Right click on My Computer, left click <Properties>, left click <Device Manager>. Look for <Sound, video controll devices>. Left click the sign, is there a yellow exclimation point or red X next to the sound card description? Next is to left click the sound card description to highlite it then left click <Remove> just above the OK box in this window. Reboot the computer with the Win 98 disk already in the CD rom drive. Windoze should come up and find the sound card and Plug and Play install it. If this doesn't work it gets a little more complicated. What I always try next is to do what I describe above but when you shut the computer down take the "Can" or case off of it and actually remove the sound card from the computer. Boot the computer up without the card in it. Then shut down again. Re-install the sound card and boot up again. 90% of the time this will do the trick. If not, sound cards, especialy if it is an off brand, can be a real battle. You really need to try to identify the card and get the factory drivers for it from The best way to ID the card is to remove it from the computer, look at the largest black flat pack IC with 80 or so legs and get the numbers off of it. There may even be a model/make number on the card. But do a search on windrivers for the chip number and the drivers may pop up. If not get us the numbers/name and I will email the drivers to you... If I can find them that is... Or just go to Wally World, Best Buy, Circuit City and buy a new card, remove the old card as described above and install the new one. $50/$60 US. I always recomend Sound Blaster cards. Easy to install and good support from the company.

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