Restoring crosses with automatic update downloads

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I built my computer a couple of months. It was running very well. This is what happened a couple days ago. I have automatic update set to update without asking for a confirmation. I turned my computer on and it immediately started going to the internet. As it opened on the "net" it was opening up an internet page intranslating into Chinese, The entire page was chinese. I kept trying to use the cancel button but it would not work. The page finished opening in Chinese. I then rebooted my computer and went to Accessories and got my program (I am running Win Me) that allowed me to restore my computer to an earlier time. This was working ok but during the retoration and before my computer had a chance to restart itself the internet started downloading something again and my computer froze up. Control, alt, delete would not work so I had to do a soft boot to restart. When the screen came back up it was checking my drive for errors. It was scanning ok but after 105,785 clusters of 1,547,505 you could heard the sound of the drive turning like a needle was on it. It never scanned beyond the 105,785.It just made that whisking type sound. I have a 76G hard drive partition into 3 additional drives. WHAT IS WRONG. Please don't tell me I have to reformat and repartition my drive. No virus was found on the computer. When I went to start in safe mode I did get a message that the computer could not find a program called command.dll I have just started transferring data and photos from one computer via 3.5 floppies and have not backed up anything. Any suggestions.
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If you cancel the scan disk when rebooting, will the machine finish booting or does it give you an error? You might be able to find the command.dll on your other machine and copy it over to your ME machine and see if that works.


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Forgive my ignorance but does ME use NTFS or Fat32?

If your drive is formated with Fat32 get a Windows 98 system disk (not a boot disk but the full system disk). Boot the machine on this disk and run Scandisk from the floppy.

Another option is to use a copy of 2000, NT or Linux. Install it on your second or third partions (maybe reformat that partition as well, etter than loosing it all). Let it set up your machine as a dual boot machine. This will at least give you a working OS to repair your origianl system and disk.

However, what it sounds like to me is that you have a rouge VBS script in your computer which may not show up on a virus scan.
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Cool Never

Never, never, never let anything auto download to you without seeing what it is. Did you get a junk email from one of these friggin adult sites? That's probably where the download started. Guess what? I would format the main partition. ME is 32 bit. I'm serious, format C: and reinstall. As soon as you get back up and running, backup C: system. I wish these spam people would go away, I went to CNN and got a pop under. If you run software to stop this you will not be able to surf the net right. Adult sites buy ads all the time and they are the VERY WORSE code writers in the entire world. Format C: only, then take control of your computer and let nothing come in a download unless YOU say so. My brother once said something to me that really stuck, seven years younger than I too... There are people in the world that are not happy until you are unhappy...

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