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Hello. I have an old system that I've been having a lot of trouble with. I'm running windows 98 on it and I keep having problems with my registry. Win98 will restore it when I turn on my computer. Then I will have to restart. Sometimes this will fix the problem, and sometimes I will have to go through the process again and again. I've noticed that it doesn't count up my memory during the POST when I get the registry error, but it does when it I don't get the error.

Anyway, this is just the latest of many problem I've had with this computer. I've had a power supply and a hard drive both die on me. I've also lost everything on my hard drive a couple of times because windows95 crashed for some reason.

I don't have the manual for the motherboard because I bought this computer used. I've had it worked on by a local computer shop many times. I've just recently began on working on computers myself.

I was wondering how I go about finding information about my motherboard. There is nothing written on the motherboard stating it's brand name or model number. It's got an AMD K6 233 MHz processer with 4 SIMM slots and 3 DIMM slots. It has 3 ISA and 4 PCI slots.

It looks like everything on this motherboard is controlled by jumpers. I was going to check to make sure they are all correctly set, but I don't have a reference manual. Do you think that and incorrect voltage for the memory could cause registry problems?

Let me know if you have any advice. I sure need it!
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Trace any part on your computer with a FCC search. Every part has an FCC number stamped on it somewhere. Motherboard - try the underside. With some luck the manufacture will still be in business. With more luck they will have online specs. may have a direct link to the manufacturer.

Long and short of it - computers are cheap. Many are not worth fixing. For many people four year old technology is seriously overpowered. Still interested: look in the telephone book for used computer parts. Where I live, I can buy new and used motherboards and other computer parts very inexpensively; all day long...still it's less expensive time wise to purchase 1 or 2 year old technology, plug it in n' go.

FYI: the Registry is read and wrttten to after POST. Sounds more like ram on the verge or loose (pull & reseat) or the motherboard. If you're a real die hard you may find the PC Guide useful

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