Trying to load Win98


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First I'm trying to fix my W98 machine
DFI TA64-B mother board
458 megs of memory SDRAM
30 gig Seagate Hard drive
A NEC Croma-clear Multi Sync XV17+2 (Monitor)
Sony 10x/4x/32x cd rom
Radeon 64 meg Video card
A Open lan card 10/100 mg capable (Road Runner Cable Modem)
Sound Blaster 16 (I know it is a old card)
keyboard and mouse.
and before I switched to a 300 watt power supply everything was fine; the story first
I recently got a new tower with a 300 watt (the old was a 250 watt power supply) With the old 250 watt supply everything ran fine but the power supply fan was whinning and making sounds like it would die at any time.(Yes I cleaned it every 3 to 4 months) (the fan) So came the new tower with the 300 watt supply and then Windows 98 ran fine for about 2 hours and then I start getting fatal exception 0E @ 002:00t00465. I checked the mother board specks (and the power requirements looked fine) But after about 10 minutes of running windows it gave me the above errors. I thought no big deal then it happened all day long (everything worked fine during the 10 minutes) then the error.
Ok no big deal I formated C: and started from scratch everything was ok until after I input the the Windows serial number and then I would get exception From 0028:C18AF4B in Vxd. I thought it just did not like the video card So I put my old Millenium 200 video card and the same thing happened. I re-formated with the Millenium video card and the same thing. I then took out all extra cards and just left the video card in and the same thing happened I tried the Radeon card with the same results.
Could this be my windows cd dying or could it be something else. I hope to have some input because I'm going to buy Win 2000me and try again Monday.
If you need any further info please just ask


Any help would be nice.
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My windows problem

P.S. I wrote this on a old toshiba 430CDT satellite pro laptop.
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check out the above 2 links, your system worked before, you have the same equipment , it should therefore work now.

I would have just replaced the fan or power supply instead of replacing the tower.

Check to make sure the fan on the cpu is working and heatsink/fan are mounted properly.

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I'm with dkerr, sounds like the fan or heat sink on the CPU is hooked up or working correctly.
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Thanks for the info everyone. It ended up being a memory problem. I'm not sure if one of my sims just went bad at a bad time or what. I removed all the memory but one 128meg strip and Windows loaded easy and quick. I insterted the other 64 meg strips until Windows messed up again and then I removed the last slim I put in. Every thing is working fine now. The CPU and heat sink were fine.

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