How to Enter and Exit Bios?


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Hello everyone: Going into the Bios is a little intimidating! What is the correct way to Exit the Bios? Its a little confusing to me when it says Do you want to exit without saving YES OR NO?if I change something in bios do i say No and if I don't change anything do I say YES? In other words my MAIN concern and fear is that I will do something to cause my PC to stop working! Hope someone know's what I am talking about,BECAUSE I JUST ABOUT KNOW! Thank You TOM PS: please Everyone, don't tell anybody that I am NEW to the Computer?
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tomtom59, It is a little different than what we are used to seeing in Windows which is "Save Changes To...." when we close a window that the contents have changed. The BIOS seems to ask this queston when nothing has been changed leading the first timer to wonder what they did. When you exit BIOS and you have changed nothing(that you know of) answer YES to exit Without Saving? That would be the only answer in this case because if you didn't change anything by intention something may or may not have changed and you wouldn't know what it is if it did. If you change something choose NO because you don't want to Exit Without Saving Changes so they can take effect. On your PS, there are many power users that never go near the BIOS.....Mike
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Quick Print Out!

Thank You Mike, THATS EXACTLY WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE When you are looking at the Questions in Bios, What you said was extremely well put. By the way I am not looking to FOOL around in the Bios, I just want to get in and PRINT Out a COPY of the SETTINGS and get out. I like to keep a record and back up as much as I can INCASE Of Trouble! Thank You again TOM

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