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I just got an old tomy tronic 3d planet zeon and its one of those lcd games where there are so many images and it simulates movement by flipping one on and off consecutively. my problem is that there are about 4 images across the screen that wont ever light up, even when its supposed to. the screen isnt cracked, there's no leakage or black spots anywhere...its pretty clean. the screen is held to the circuit board by some spongy things with what looks like many metal contacts in the spongy things. none of it seems loose i think, cant be sure. anybody know what could be the problem/how to fix it? thanks
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Not really, this is one of those throwaway things really. You might try lifting that LCD off the board and gently cleaning the contacts but I doubt this will help and if you donít get that screen positioned exactly right it wont work. More than likely it is a character generator failure, age most likely, or LCD failure. Hard to tell on something like this.
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say it aint so! the game is from 83 or so...thats what i get for trying to relive my childhood..
ah well...

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