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I have a Compaq Presario, model number 5240. I want to do a complete restore. Is there a way to save some things I have on my computer now, that I don't want to lose, like my Norton virus guard and a couple of other programs? One file is too large to zip & put on a disk.
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Have you head of a file splitter? Many such animals exist. Basic operation: open the source file in binary mode, [raw bytes, one after the other; without a program interpreting any given meaning, such as character or machine code], read bytes, and then store bytes in one or more destination files until an action [disk full, file(s) of 'x' bytes in size is created, no more bytes to read].

Try the Ziff Davis web site or FTP one from simtel. That will save your data. What it won't do is hack the
Registry or INI files.

Depending on what you mean by restore:
1. Overwriting or swapping files with perviously saved data - no big deal...most of the time, UNLESS the controlling program records a file checksum, stores a Registry entry, or uses some other controlling mechanism for that file.

2. Reinstallation of the OS - if you don't have the installation disks the relevant entries must be extracted
from the Registry and INI files, and then be restored manually after copying the files to the hard disk. No
doubt, Peter Nortan has a trick or two up his sleeve, and it may be necessary to find and then hack a machine file for a checksum, secret code, ect..

So much for the transparency of Windows.
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Unhappy confused

I'm afraid I'm way out of my league here. Everything sounds like Greek. I've printed your information & will try to figure it all out. Some how I have lost my Microsoft Word program & that is one of the reasons I wanted to use my quick restore cd, but I'm afraid of losing my virus guard & things like that. Thank you for trying to help me.
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Most of the time the restore cd will wipe out your HD and leave you with a fresh setup. (just like it was when you first got it.) Most of them even ask you if you want to fix, or restore, choosing restore will give you a "all data will be lost, are you sure"? Never ran the fix option so I am not sure what will happen.

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Complete Restore

I had a Compaq Presario 5245. The best advice I got was to buy a Iomega 250 mb external USB Zip drive. Saving your files behind Drive D: or Save, is at best a 50/50 bet. Dont back up what you have a disk for, transfer your cookies & mail to a zip and Restore that thing clean as a pin. My point is with the emulation (Electronic Hardware) of the Compaq you must completely Restore or you will just be pulling your hair out tring to keep it going. I had to Restore mine 15 times in 3 years, each time I restored I reloaded my files and was off and going again. Marturo
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If you're not exactly following what we're saying you may want to buy a big dinner for a techie friend and have them help you.

As for losing programs, did Norton come with your computer? If so it should be on the restore disk. If not did you buy it and do you still have the CD? If you're using a bootleg copy you got by borrowing a friends CD it may be worth the $30 to get your own copy.

Norton, and most Windows programs, need to be installed from a CD. They make changes to the Windows Registry that allow them to run. Norton makes lots of changes when it is installed. Simply copying the files to another computer will not work in most cases. It won't work at all for Nortons.

The only thing you should worry about trying to save are files you created. Anything that came from a CD or is on a CD doesn't need to be copied to another disk. You'll just need to spend some time reinstalling the software.

Hope it helps.
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Norton Virus

I downloaded my Norton Virus guard from the net & paid for it with a credit card. I don't have a Cd.

I have a set of disks for windows 95 update. I am running windows 98 now. If I would run these disks, would they erase all of my hard drive like the quick restore disk? Or mess my computer up in some way?

I wish I knew a techie friend to take to dinner!!
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Companies like norton send you a cookie if you erase that cookie you will have to get another. Good luck so far I have had trouble with Mcaffee and ZDnet when I lost the cookie. Try to save your cookies by importing them on to some media. I did the dumbest thing you can do with a compaq. I formated the whole disk and lost Office 97 MS Word and Works and no way is compaq or MS going to send them backto me. Then I found I needed the red disk to get anything to work. I was tring to load win 98 SE and lost everything So MS office 97 and MS Word and Works is on the Hard Drive not the Disk. Why are you restoring? Can you fix the problem with out Restoring? All I am saying is be careful and don't use any software that is not going to work with the emulation that Compaq has as a requirement to make their system work. Don't try putting any other OS on the Compaq it won't work. I am not a Tech so why don't you ask about how to save cookies and anything else you will need to get you back to like it was when you bought it. You do relize that you will have go back through MS Updates and re install all those patches and fixes you have on now. This is only time consuming but is a must. I hope some of this helps because that machine made me so mad plus the thought of only being able to buy Compaq parts. I built one from scratch with every part in it able to be removed and upgraded of because it was bad. On the compaq one thing can go bad, and on a white box you can just replace it. However on the Compaq you have to buy a new Motherboard. With what Compaq charges for a Motherboard I could buy a few ABIT KT7A-RAID Motherboards. Look I got it to work after restoring it 15 times. The last time I restored it at 25 yards with five rounds of 00 Buck 12 Gauge. It has been a pleasure to have a non emulated Computer and I was amazed at how easy it was to put it together, Install Win 98SE and enjoy not haveing to fix the bugger everyday. I think all name brands use some form of emulation and that just keeps you coming back to them for parts. I picked every part to put into the Enlight Box so if anything goes bad I just replace the bad part and not the whole motherboard. Well you can build one someday, but for now be careful when you do anything with software when it comes to Compaq. Go slow and back up what you need only. Call or write Norton and maybe the will just send you another Cookie. Marturo
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Unhappy Envy you computer people

I want to thank everyone for trying to help me. I don't think I will ever be able to build a computer. I can't even seem to keep this thing I've got running smooth. I wanted to do a quick restore because I tried to do a partial restore at Compaq on line, and I lost Microsoft Word. I thought if I did a complete restore that I might get it back. I'm about ready to just use word pad and be done with it. The more I read, the more I think I should have my user name be; computer dummy.
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Look for the program that you lost first. I thought at one time I could never build a computer until I saw how many online stores sold everything to build anything you wanted. Alot of times I would lose a program on my compaq, it was hiding and I just reinstalled it and was back to square one. You just have to look at it as a learning process, If I had known about the Compaq before I bought it I would have had any computer shop build me a white box. I just was duped like alot of others into believing that I was getting a better computer with a name than what those unskilled people built into a white box. So I was dead wrong and now I have what I deserve because it was my choice to use this part or another. The first 256mg of ram I put in when I built it was $98.00 the 2nd 256mg of ram that came UPS yesterday was $41.85 with free shiping. I don't know if prices will go any lower but now is the time to build a $2500.00 computer for less than $1000.00 and upgrade with inexpensive parts as you need more. Try start -find-MS word.exe and reinstall it is in the hard drive and not on the disk. Marturo

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