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This is going to be for the serious computer geeks out there to scratch their heads over; its been driving me nuts for about two weeks.

Out of the clear blue I suddenly stopped getting my expected 48k net connection speed. Instead I was treated to 26.4k about 95% of the time. After triple checking all settings, etc. I decided to swap the modem out with one that was in another computer I had sitting here (constructed of parts left over from earlier upgrades on 2 other computers, P166). Surprise, surprise the other computer now connected at 26.4k and my primary computer now connected at 46k, Swapped them back and the 26.4k speed went back. Conclusion: Modem bellied up. Got another modem (PCI, original was ISA, so get another variable involved). Had trouble with the new modem (forgot now what the problem was having done 57 different things in this process) so put it in the old parts computer and put the old parts computer's modem in my primary (since it had shown workability) new modem worked fine in old parts computer and the swap worked in primary computer. Problem fixed? NOT! Started having problems with modem AGAIN. Two things were now happening: (1) Sometimes after connecting (usually at 46.6 but sometimes 48k) I would get 6-8 clicks into surfing and suddenly started getting the IE message can't find server, etc. Connection was still active. Exiting IE and relaunching would not fix had to disconnect and reconnect dial-up connection. (2) Sometimes during the connection process I would connect but then after a long wait get a message saying couldn't make network connection. Tried everything under the sun and finally put original modem in for comparison purposes. Worked for a day or so but then back to only 26.6k. I now have the modem in that was originally in my "spare" computer and so far it stays connected (no lockups) but I have to reboot before using dialup to avoid getting the "network couldn't connect" message unless I do an immediate redial. If I've been on, get off and leave computer sit for a while, next connection won't make the net connection.
Have already covered these:
Phone lines: No problems noted, no static on line, etc.
ISP: Tried running a Compuserve setup disk I had to see what would happen (I'm currently using an independant ISP) and when the setup disk dialed up to access the CS phone numbers it connected at 26.6K!
Software: Have run diagnostics til blue in the face and come up negative.

Any assistance in saving my sanity greatly appreciated.
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For max speed, go to control panel ,system, modems, then to properties of modem check to make sure the dial up is a 56 k. Other thing to check- go into dial up networking folder, rt. click on dial up icon, click on server types check to see what is checked off and isnt. UNCHECK log onto network, check file compression and TCPIP, then give it a shot.
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ps - that rt clck on dial up icon then got to properties !
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