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My grandson has jammed my compact disk door. it is closed, will not play the disk and will not open. Can I repair this safely or should I take it to a repair shop? Thanks
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I asume you have tried shutting does the power on the computer completely and then power/rebooting .

Look for a small pinhole on the front of the cd unit, if you open a paper clip and push it in this hole , it should release the door tray.

Let us know how it goes.
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i bet the disc was in crooked and the door got pushed in so its stuck. i'd yank that sucker out by any means just to get the disc back (if it still works) since cdroms are so cheap now might as well upgrade it
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Disk Door jamed

The little pin hole did not work but taking a butter knife and prying the door open did work. I was blessed the door works fine now and the disk is fine also. Most times when this happens the disk is trashed but God is good mine is OK.

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