Wakeup from power saver with keyboard only?


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I don't know if this question has been asked before (I did a search but couldn't find anything), so here goes:

In Windows 98 SE, is there a way to set the wake-up from power-saver mode with only a keyboard press? Right now, either a keypress or moving the mouse will wake the computer up. Problem is, sometimes I don't want it to wake up, but a little bump to the desk is enough to jar the mouse.

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Allright Gurus!

Is the mouse sensitivity setting a regstry edit or a third party program? I live on a conventional foundation with wood floors and walking across them woke my machine and I had the cure for this but since my last crash and re-install I don't remember where I got the reduced mouse sensitivity. I'll find it but someone must know and save us some time. Until then lets just turn our mouse on its side while sleeping....Mike

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