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I am having trouble running my defrag program. I runs to 10% complete, then says "drive content changed - restarting". I can't get past this problem. I've tried 5 times now and it always reaches this point and hangs up.

I have Windows 98. I have run ScanDisk and don't have any errors. Norton Anti-Virus says I don't have any viruses. No one I've talked to has ever had this problem.

Can anyone help or give me some idea of what might be going on?

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Good Evening, Lairmore:
Computers are busy little things that are constantly computing one thing or another. I found that the best way to run Disk Defragmenter is in SAFE MODE. When the computer is in this mode, it is benign and quiet. It starts the computer with a minimum of drivers and only basic programs. Hence, nothing to bother your maintenance schedule.

How to get it into SAFE MODE? Check your Windows Help file to verify this. In the case of my computer, I hold down the CONTROL key while the computer is just starting to boot.
It will take me to a DOS menu that allows me to select

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Try turning off your screen saver. That's all I do on my ME machine.
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Both Smokey and Ichabod offer good advice.

My nickels worth:
Closing open programs, disabling the screen saver and/or Norton will probably solve the problem.

In Windows Defrag calls Scandisk. Scandisk runs first. Scandisk displays the message "drive contents changed...restarting" then restarts when disk reads or writes occur.

Read - loading a program or its components from disk. Analogy: You're at the airport monitoring luggage, and correcting tags on, at the round-about delivery. All of a sudden it increases speed [absolute disk read, track and sector]. You loose your place. So does Scandisk.

Write - saving program data to disk, Windows, itself, flushing internal buffers during periods of low disk activity, and even Scandisk, itself, making corrections to a large disk. Analogy: You're methodically arranging dominoes on each square of a tiled floor. All of a sudden someone dumps more dominoes on existing free squares. Your work is undone. So is Scandisks.

If the problem persists: close open programs, disable Nortan, and the screen saver, then run Scandisk...for as long as, and as many times as, it takes to correct disk problems. Do: check for viruses and backup important data first. See advanced Scandisk settings for lost fragments and cross linked files.
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In other words, everytime a program accesses the hard drive defrag has to start over because the drive has been changed.

It's probably something you're running in the background or in the system tray. I'd have to guess that the virus scan might do it.
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