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A friend of mine wanted me to make an audio CD for her and I am having nothing but problems. I have Easy CD Creator 4 and have used TDK, Memorex and Philips (came with the drive) CD-Rs and have had no problems. I had told her to buy either TDK or Memorex because I had been successful with those and I felt like they were probably better than the Philips but she bought Maxell because she found a sale. When I try to create the CD, it starts writing the track and sits on 3% on the recording phase for what seems like forever so I cancel it. Then I have to power down the computer at the switch because it seems like it just freezes. I have tried to copy an audio CD of mine onto one of the Maxell's and it does the same thing. I have even had to uninstall the software and reinstall it to get it to work for me on a Memorex CD after I tried using the Maxell.

Is it the software or the Maxell CD? Like I said, I have had no problems with the software until I tried to use a Maxell CD so I am thinking it is the CD rather than the software.

Any help??

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I've used Maxell CDRs on my Phillips recorder doing audio w/no problems. When was the last time you did a defrag on your hard drive? Also how much free space do you have on the drive as well? A faster hd w/ more free space usually gives less problems w/copying. Although sometimes the disk just can't be copied.
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Right after I tried to do the CD and it wouldn't work, I did a disk cleanup, scandisk and defrag. It still wouldn't work but it did create one on a Memorex CD-R. I do have a small system (6GB - it wasn't considered small when I bought it) and right now there is 1.15GB free. Shouldn't that be enough free space???

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CD-R Speed Rating?

Are the Maxell CD-Rs that your are trying to use rated for the speed at which you are trying to record? That is, if you are trying to record at 6x, you need a CD-R rated for recording at least at 6x speed.

Your recording software should provide a way to select a slower recording speed. Try that and see if it works.

FYI: Here is a great FAQ list for CD-R info.
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This may be an issue of digital encryption or file corruption. Where is the music coming from? If you're copying digitally protected music with and encryption key you version of CD creator may just stop and wait for the unecryption key (which a consumer version can't do.) Also, if you are copying a mp3 file or converting a .wav file you may have a corrupt file which will also stop a CDR drive dead in its tracks.
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The CD-Rs I am trying to use are rated up to 16x. I tried writing at 4x and then dropped it down to 2x but no go on either speed.

The music is from a file sharing site on the internet. They are MP3s which I have converted to .wav files and have previously put on a TDK CD-R.

I do a CAD on everything but Explorer, Systray and Create CD so there shouldn't be anything interfering with the process.

I have no clue at this point.

Thanks for the link. There's a lot to absorb there so I will read it over the next couple of days. I'm also going to pass it onto another friend who just bought a CD recorder.

Any more suggestions????

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First go to the adaptec site and take any upgrades that they have for your version of easy creator. Make sure you have the latest ASPI drivers, burn at 1x.

I have had problems with memorex and avoid using them.
If you are copying a music cd it may be a combination of video and music tracks on the cd, this can sometimes cause problems with certain copying procedures.

If copying from a cd, using cd creator make a image file onto the hard drive of the entire cd. Then burn the cd image file at 1x speed. What is the cpu speed of the computer and memory, free hard drive space. It may take 650 megs for the image file of a cd onto the hard drive. You must have at least a pentium 166 preferably mmx to use a burner with making more coasters then good burns.

You can also uninstall the easy creator software , reboot, reinstall, reboot, upgrade the software if an upgrade is available at adaptec. Check the manufacturer of the cd burner web site for possible known problems or updated firmware for the burner.

The player must also be apable of audio extraction, some of the older cd players were not, most of the modern ones are.

BURN AT 1x UNDER YOU KNOW IT WORKS, before trying any other speed. My burner is rated for 4x write but always burn at 1x, less coasters that way.

There is also a program called blind copy that will make image files of hard to copy cd's (for making backup copy) but needs a second program called win cd to be installed in order to burn that image or a program to convert the image to the image format acceptable by easy creator.

Burning cd's must have the data in its buffer when it is reader to burn, if the burn outruns the data in the buffer, the burn fails, if copying cd to cd that can happen depedning on the extraction speed of the cd rom, the cpu on the computer, and the bus speed on the computer. Also when burning , nothing else is done on the computer or anyother actually happening, in other words, no downlaoding or browsing the net while the burn is in process, and no other software running except the burn software. Doing any other activity and you may lose the burn.
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Thanks for all that good information. I guess I found out the real problem was my hard drive as it died last Friday afternoon. It's still under warranty and has been sent in for replacement. I have borrowed someone else's computer for a few weeks.

Thanks for all the good help and suggestions. I will see what happens when I get mine back.

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