Recovery Disk and Registered Name?


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Hello Everyone: A person I know wants to buy my PC and I have two Questions, I hope someone can help me with and here they are>>FIRST: I want the information I have on this Computer WIPED OUT Will the Recovery Disk that I got with the PC DO THIS? And SECOND: How can I get the registered owners name taken OFF (My Name)this Computer and have His put on it? I am guessing that these are the things a person has to do before selling his PC! Any help would be appreciated, this may be my chance to get a little better one, TOM
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With any luck the recovery disk that came with your pc will do all of what you ask. when you insert the disk will ask you what type of recovery, one will say "warning all data will be lost" "are you sure" (or something like that) after the disk is formatated will start loading window again and some where in there will ask you for registration info. Thats when you can put in his name.

At least thats what should happen. You may or may not find out differently.

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Recovery Disk

Thanks, brian: Was wondering what the recovery disk would come in handy for! TOM

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