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My wife just bought me a new mouse that I really wanted. The only problem is it is for a P/S2 port and all that I have is a serial port (COM1) for my mouse. Is there any adapter out for this problem? I have seen some mouses that come with an adapter that say on them that they are serial/ps2. I have tried those adapters and it still won`t work. I`m not sure if it can be done. Any information would be greatly appreciated,
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should be no problem finding an adapter, my track ball came with a serial to ps/2 adapter that I had no problems using. If you get a ps/2 to serial (not sure if it realy matter, but it might, kinda like ser to parr) adapter I may not work, wires may cross connect differently from one conversion to the other.

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BSD is right the adapter will work great and they are easily available and not to expensive 3-5 dollars. If there is some reason you need to use you Com port for something else, like a modem or digital camera, you can also buy an expansion card with PS/2 ports but these are not so easy to find and usually requires some time searching on the Internet.
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First off, I would like too thank both Brian and Mrhoadar for your quick replys. I am a new member but have been at other sites similar to this one and it`s probably a week or so before anyone responds. I think I will like this site and again Thank-you. Next, my neighbor has a trackball that is serial/PS2, and I have used it on my computer and it worked great. The new mouse I have is an optical mouse but says it is only a PS/2. I have bought 2 of the cheaper serial/PS2 mouses just for the adapters alone, but still have no luck. I have tried it (my new mouse) on my neighbors computer, and it worked fine. But he has a PS/2 port. I have called most every computer store in this town and they tell me about the adapter I have already tried. I have started searching for the expansion card that Mrhoadar mentioned. Is there a different adapter than the one I have been trying to use? I will keep looking. Again, Thank-You both! You have given me more knowledge and advice than any of the stores I have talked to...

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The thing with thoes adapters is that they are a pin
adapter, which adapts the pins on a PS/2 mouse to plug
into a serial port, simple as that, it does no PS/2
to serial conversion. For such an adapter to work, the
mouse must be PS/2 and serial aware, as it figures
if it is connected to a PS/2 or serial port, and
spits out the data in the appropriate format.
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Oh, what a difference a couple of years makes. I couldn't find any PS/2 expansion cards either. They were plentiful enough back when the AT motherboards were still being produced. If you still want one your best bet will be to find a used computer dealer in your area and see what they can scrounge up.

Another solution may be to buy a USB expansion card which are still available. You can then get a USB to PS/2 adapter that may take care of your problem. I have had to do this for a Remote Point wireless mouse running on Windows 2000. It wouldn't work plugged into the PS/2 port with W2k, go figure. You might want to buy the adapter first and test it on a friends computer before buying the card.
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Gary, Thank-you for your post to my question. I am still fairly new to the computer. Being almost 40, my wife and I bought our first computer (used) a year ago from my brother and I am still learning. "But I am no Dummy", I can tell when someone knows what they are talking about. And I wish that one of these stores in Las Vegas would have simply told me what you have told me. It would have saved me alot of headaches. Thank-You"

Mrhoadar, You also amaze me. You too, I feel knows what is. But also, to come back, check and post another reply, (not to mention I just posted my question this morning) It is people like you and all that helped me, make a site like this what it is supposed to be and more! You are the one that gave me hope. I know I said I was no Dummy, but I did not know they made a USB expansion card, it shows you how i know about computers. As soon as I am done here, I am on my way to buy one. Again, "Thank-you"

I have another small question that I`m gonna post in a new post, would love to hear all who answered their opinion.

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