Win 98 2nd edition or Win ME

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Just a question of what you think, I have Win 98 2nd edition on my comp. I have a friend who has Win ME and is trying to get me to install it on mine. I like some of the new additions they added, but I am unsure of it because another friend of mine. He has two computers, one has Win 2k and the other Win ME. He told me that he wished he had never made the upgrade from 98 2nd edition on both computers. He says in his oppinion, 98 2nd edition is the best. I would just like to get more peoples oppinions before I decide,
Thank-you, Dave
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I have 3 computers networked , 1 with windows me which uses internet sharing and receives the internet froma high speed cable modem and also managaes and feeds a hub that in turn feeds the other computers which has winodows 98 2nd edition. I find on teh main computer window me is my best choice and performs well for manageing the internet sharing. I haven't used windows 2000 but a friend has it and lows it. Onw advantage of windows 2000 is it has better memory management in that it allocates memory instead of stacking it, and therefore one application crash is much less likely to take down the system , then with windows me or 98 which one application crash can mean crashing the system and having to reboot to recover. A lot comes down to personal prefernence. Each new operating system that microsoft comes out with usually requires more resources and if you don't have those resources on teh computer then you stay with a system that you can meet min requirements with. Min requirements as microsoft puts it is usually bare min. it is usaully best to exceed min requirements. Like windows me acording to microsoft needs a min of 32 megs of memory to run, 64 megs if you run the media player that comes with it, so basicly 64 megs is bare min for windows me , I would recommend more. Windows 200o is a cross between the traditional windows 98 or me and windows nt, having some nt like options with it.

The way I look at it if yours windows 98 2nd edition is performing well and it meets your expectations , why bother spending money on an upgrade, a even newer version will likely soon be released, as the gap widens between what you have now and what new operating systems comes out eventually a upgrade may be necessary to keep up with the features of today and internet enhancements , but I don;t think it is quite there yet that windows 98 2nd edition would be considered out of date.
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I agree! Having little experience with ME I can't help with your choice but the GoBack feature seems to be a great help to those with it. But, 98 has scanreg restore which is almost the same thing but most know nothing of it because it runs in DOS. I believe ME takes control from the user in a lot of ways which is no good for me but helps those who prefer to point and click. I have 98se and am not in the market to upgrade but I would wait on Windows XP which I understand is due out in a few months or so they say. Not that I would jump on it but I hear it combines the best of 98, 2000 and ME. MS also says XP will be the last generation OS using the current platform. Makes me wonder what is next.....Mike
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Cool ME

I have been running ME on 3 PC's and a laptop for many months now. Yes some functions are taken over by this OS BUT overall stablility of ME has performed well beyond my expectations. I have a few hiccups now and then but it's Windoze. I wouldn't know what to do Saturday night without a glitch or two to correct. (Not often though!) I have had 2000 and XP loaded and to be honest I didn't care for either one. (I Beta test for MS) But I don't run high end business software etc. And once you go to the NTFS format it is not backwards compatiable with most current 32 bit software. 2000 and XP do away with DOS which is actualy a good thing but I just prefer ME.

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