space or mem.


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i restored my computer with the restore cd that came with it
load win-98 & few other programs. i still got 3.00 gig of space left.(4.00 g hard drive). i try to load office-97
it will load but @ the time to use will show a command that
tells me that i don't have the space to open word, exel etc.
pls tell me whats wrong..
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eruben1, This sounds kind of odd to me. What is the exact message if different from "a command that tells me that i don't have the space to open word, exel etc." If not enough drive space I would think that a "There is not enough disk space to open this program" message would come up. Sounds like lack of RAM to me without knowing more. You could have all of the programs loaded at Startup that came with the PC plus any that run at startup that you added. I'm guessing 32 RAM came OEM and you need to disable all that you don't need in System Configuration to relieve this without adding RAM. This is just a thought but get back with details and after disabling Startup stuff you don't need you are still unable to run Office 97 post back...Mike

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I don't know much about computers. i think i've got 60 of ram. the mssg read not enough mem to run microsoft word.
how can I dissable some program @ starup..
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To check your Mem (RAM)

When your computer boots up you should see a black screen that shows how much memory you have. Also, before you open up your word program why don't you pres control-alt-delete and press the 'task manager' button. Go to the third tab titled performance and look at the box that says physical memory (k). Look at your total, aand available. If there is not much available you can look at the processes tab, sort by 'mem usage' (by clicking the header) and see if there is one app using way much memory.

By the way, to figure out how much memory you have in MBs use the formula memory in K divided by 1024 and that should get you close.

Give me an e-mail if this message doesn't make much since.

Good luck.
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eruben1, Curious if you did a format or fdisk when you ran recovery. Here are a couple of links that will help with resources and to understand running items. I'm not so sure we are on the right track here because that error you get can come up even with plenty of available resources. I have done a format and recovery only to get a "There is not enough free memory to run this program" message at bootup. Another fdisk and all was well. At any rate let us know how it goes and good luck....Mike
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One other thing to check is to make sure your computer is using Virtual Memory controlled by Windows.
Start - Settings - Control Panel - double click "System"
Click on the Performance Tab (This will also give you RAM memory and how much of it is currently in use).
Click Virtual Memory and make sure the box for "Let Windows Manage..." is checked.

Also, Word has a tendency to lock up even with plenty of memory. If a reboot doesn't help then try a reinstall. If that falls go to and see if technet has any good answers.
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Thanks guys i will look into all that info. and let you's know.
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thanks guys got my system going with all of your info.
i did a format and load it again.. running like a champ.
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