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When i go to Add/Remove programs & try to repair Explorer it says it can't repair it because a component is missing & to run setup. How do i do this ? I don't have a Win 95 Disc & i can't use my CD-Rom. Is there any way i can run setup? What ever that is.
Thanks "Jakey"
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jakey, I don't know where everyone is and I don't run 95 but do you have a Win95 boot disk? Without a copy of your system and drivers there is little need to run setup. Set up will only prompt you for a recovery CD and/or drivers. Unless I misunderstand Win 95 call for setup(which is possible) it means a partial or full restore. Without a copy of your OS running setup is useless. Get back with what you want to do.....Mike
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Win 95 Disc

Hi Mike !! Thanks for the reply. I don't know if i have anything thats any good. I do have a Win 95 startup 3 1/2 floppy that i made & i have a Norton antivirus 3 1/2 floppy rescue disc. Are either of these any good ? Thanks again for the reply & your help.
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The floppies you have would be great to have around if your PC became unbootable from a virus(Norton) and the Win95 Startup if unbootable for any other reason. In that you can get to Control Panel tells me you can boot so the floppies you have won't help with IE. There are many tools on the Win95 Satrtup but I don't think any deal with IE. If your machine will get on line type MSKB in the IE addy bar and Go. When there search for Internet Explorer updates, upgrades, patches anything that may bring IE up to speed. It may be that you have to move to a newer version of IE....Mike
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One other place to look for setup program is in the folder C:\windows\options\cabs, although the cab file might be in different location say c:\cabs. It was on Win95 that some OEMs stopped shipping disks and put the cab files on the hard drive and ran the setup from there. I do it quite often so I don't have to searching for the right CD-ROM everytime I change network settings.

Anyway, to find there location do a search for "*.cab" and if the directory I talking about exists you'll find setup.exe and all the files neccessary to reinstall Windows.
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Cool web help

Have you tried to use <Help> <Online support> in IE? You should be able to repair IE from there but if you are running dial up be prepaired to be online for a few hours. My advise is to contact, via the web, MS and order IE5 (U dont mention which IE U are using.) Is UR CD Rom down? One question, why are you still running 95? You are going to have a hard time getting support for 95 and maybe even IE 3-5. I cant even remember what 95 looks like, I do remember it was a bummer to work with!
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