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Hello, I just got my DSL modem and after hooking it up, it works fine. However, when I receive incoming calls, there is a snow-like static when I pick up the phone. Sometimes only for the first 15 seconds, sometimes doesn't go away. I noticed that the person who owned the house before me moved a phone jack from one wall downstairs to another wall, both in the kitchen which is the closest point to the outside box. The DSL line is upstairs. If anyone can please help, I would greatly appreciate it.
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If the line was never staticie ( I know that not a word) before the installation of dsl, you have a few options.

Call the Phone CO, have them call back and check for static. Or can only you hear the static?

Check for static at the NID (network interface device- small grayish box on side of house) disconnect the phone lines only (remember where they go) and connect a temp line run into a window and phone. Take a few calls from the temp phone. Is static still there?

If it is, call phone co, tell them an installer needs to come out and fix the problem. Let them know you have isolated the static to the NID.

If it is gone, start reconnecting phone lines one at a time (disconnect temp phone) use the reconnected line to take incomming calls. If there is only one phone line going into the house and all phone jacks are daisy chained disconnect all jacks and start reconnecting starting with the first (closest jack) and work to the last one, checking for static at each jack.

this is a little time consumming, but very easy to do. Just keep notes on what you disconnect so you can put it back together.

The nid will have two screws for access, one is noted for customer access, the other for service access.


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Not able to do

I am not able to check the outside box with a regular phone because the DSL modem must hook up to the box as the direct connection and therefore cannot hook a phone up as well. There is no jack on the modem for a phone extension.

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