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I have recently purchased a Western Digital 20 gig Hard Drive. I installed it on the puter ok. it is recognized, no problem. When I try to partion it using a Western Digital EZinstall disk I end up with only a partion of 1.99 gigs. when I try to use this partion I get the message 'cannot write to D'
If I try to partion and format it using MSDOS I get a message 'Error 49. Write Fault'. What is the problem? or more important, What is the solution?

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1.99 gigs sounds like a BIOS or OS limitation or FAT16 instead of FAT32. Also: 1. LBA must be enabled or User Defined Type must be entered in CMOS setup. 2. 20 gig drive defaults to ATA/100 I believe and your ports (MthBoard) may be 33 or 66 - must run WD ATA management tools. Write error 49 could mean a physical disk error exists or mis-communication due to BIOS or OS limits.

Suggestion: download installation/touble shooting instructions from WD.

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There is 1 or 2 computer systems out there that insist on you using their brand hard drive replacement, and if you use another brand of hard drive it will only reconize the 1st 2 gig , and ignore the rest. It could be a 20 gig drive but only 2 gig of a competition brand hard drive can be used. I beleive if I am not mistaken compaq is one of those computer brands that insist on you using their brand hard drive replacement. Something is written in the bios of the motherboard to prevent a non specific brand from being used.

This may not be the problem in your case, just want to make you aware of it.
If the above is not a factor in your case, you must partition to fat 32 in order to partition and format large partitions.

Also the early versions of windows 95 was not capatable to fat 32, windows 95B was.
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Just want to add a few more facts--- My computer is a Packard Bell approximately 3 years old. It is equipped with a Fujitus 3.2gb hard drive which I will use as the Master Hard Drive. The hard drive which I am installing as a slave is a Western Digigtial 20 gb. I have changed the the slave from fat16 to fat32. I now have 18.6gb. I am still getting the message 'Unable to write to drive D'. Do I have to do any thing to the Master drive?
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Are both drives connected to the Primary Controller Cable and jumpered Master & Slave (the better choice).

Yes! Enter CMOS setup. !! ENSURE Fuj is RECOGNIZED as Ma and WD as Sl on Primary Controller. Not Recognized: recheck jumper settings, cable connection & pin1 to pin1, then suspect the cable itself. If necessary enter DrvParms via User Defined Type. Ensure autodect and LBA are enabled. Not available: see WD alternatives. Check for boot initialization delay of 3 seconds or more. If available setting Ultra DMA should be the same for both drives. No. WD ATA tool.

Boot Win. Check for conflicts: CtrlPanel >System >Device Manager. Resolution choices: Win, CMOS.

Win Remove Drive (same applet) > Add New Hardware. !! Before removal double click both drives then Settings for Drive Assignment. CMOS technical support [non PnP] - unless you fully understand assigning I/O IRQs and DMAs and Adapter Configuration.

Go WinDOS. Type: Fdisk /status [press Enter]. "D:" is partitioned & visible or it isn't.

No Partition!
Resp y
Sel 5
Resp 2
Sel 1
Sel 1
Your BIOS supports 32g or it doesn't. Partition barriers & resolutions: Create Extended - then logical Drives, use EZ-setup, upgrade BIOS. Repartitioning failed completely - contact WD.

Format D: /b /AUTOTEST [Pri part]
Format Drv: /AUTOTEST [Log Drv]
Format failed completely - contact WD.

Scandisk D:
Scandisk Drv: [log drvs]

Sys D:
!! If Reboot failure - Floppy boot to DOS - delete or rename system files on D:
Attrib -r -s -h
echo y|del *.*
Ren *.* *.xxx

Partition Visible!
Test format & read/write.
Dir D:\ /a
[read fails skip write] (disk media failure - may not be formatted or improper format). [read passed] (file not found or sys files list).
Md D:\test
[fail] (disk media failure or unable to create Dir)

Problems? Note which applies, recheck everything, use disk tools, try again, then contact WD.
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Just wanted to let everyone know that I now have my new hard drive working ok. Seems the problem was with the transfer speed of the new drive. The drive was set for ATA100 while my motherboard was ATA33. I changed the drive to ATA33 and it worked. Thanks to Western Digitial"s help site.
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Can I recommend a change to your slogan? "If you want something done the way you want it done, do it yourself".

Marshall Buttrey

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