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PC shuts down without warning, except for a one-second beep. Started shutting down at least once a week a couple of weeks ago, lately it shuts-down almost everyday.
I have turn off the power backup and wait at least 5 seconds in order to power up again.
I clean the case periodically, and windows seems to be stable with rare blue screens.

Pentium III 600 Mhz, VIA type chipset. Win98, 256 meg. ram.
Nvidia GE force 64 meg. with MMX. Softpower shut-down. 350 power supply. APC Network Powercell 400 watts. win98 Keyboard.

Any help would be great


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I don't know much about your system, but beeps involve Programing [Application or Virus] and BIOS. You mentioned Blue Screens. That leads me to believe it's a BIOS beep code. Find the BIOS version, [startup, CMOS] then get the relevant beep codes. Could be memory, the processor...or? Scan for viruses and check for new script files, *.hta, and *.reg.
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My vote is a motherboard problem. Memory problems tend to erratic. It could also be a heat problems. Check your bios or documentation to see if your motherbord has a thermostat. If it gets too hot the motherboard could turn itself off.
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Also check you cpu fan if operating ok, some boards auto shut down if it detects an overheat problem.

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