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I have lost my drive (and everything on it) twice within the last three months to viruses and now will get a storage device !! I am not sure what to get; a zip drive 110 or 250mb or a cd R/W drive. I plan to back up my financial data, photographs, addresses, letters etc.

Can anyone tell me which, if either is better (zip or cd)?

I also plan to get a virus protection program and a firewall (my connection is through the tv cable company). I would appreciate any suggestions about these items.

Thank you

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My $.02
Zip Drives are 90's technology. Worked great did a good job but can't compete with CDRW. Even Iomega is pushing CDRW more than Zip. CDRW: faster, cheaper media, disks can be used to move data to almost any computer with a CD drive.

On the firewall or virus protection issue, the major brands all have products that will work. However, they only work as good as their last update. In other words, if you don't keep the software updated it is worthless within a month. Even a cheap firewall that's updated is better than an expensive one that is installed once and forgotten. McAffe and Norton both make good antivirus.
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Talking My Two Cents

Hello cojo34613

In my opinion, it would wise to install a firewall with a cable modem {LAN} internet connection. One of the best firewalls for a computer with a cable modem is at

The free software version is quick to download, easy to setup, has plenty of instructions contained within the read me files, works well and is also free of any and all types of advertisements.

The pro version has some desirable additional features for office and business settings, doesn't costs too much and works the same.

I have the software running on one of my computers and can attest to it's performance.

I do not have any vested interests in the company. Just thought you might want to know where a good firewall could be found online.

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I would go with a burner (cdr or cdrw) as it is compatable with almost everyone, not everyone has a zip drive. Also cdr blanks are only a dollar or 2 each.

Run a firewall, zonealarm is an excellent firewall, and they offer it for free for personal use.

also run a good anti-virus, I would recommend either norton antivirus or mcaffee, I use norton's, keep the virus definitions up to date, does little good to have an anti-virus program running with out-dated virus definitions. Also set it to auto-protect including email.

I would also question what sites you are downloading from or the email mailing lists/contacts that you have, if you are picking up viruses that often/

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Ditto on the CD-RW. I personally recommend an HP. They are reliable and come with some really easy-to-use system backup software.

Tip: Before backing up your system, delete all temp junk like temporary internet files, any temp data files you have around, before running the backup. Clean out old e-mail that may have big file attachments too. This can help make your backups a LOT smaller.

I like McAfee anti-virus software myself. Norton is good. We use a product called Trend OfficeScan at work that seems good.
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This may sound a silly question but I have done one of these complete backups just after I reformatted the drive and put a clean install of windows 98 plus all the other stuff you have to do like reinstaling drivers etc etc.
If I decide to reformat in the future(for one reason or another) and I run my complete backup disk,does this then return every thing back to what I had?? Or is there more to do?
I hate having to reformat as it can take a whole day to get everything done!!
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Yes, depending on the backup software. The HP Disaster Recovery software (as it is called) provides the capability to put your system back exactly as it was when you made the backup.
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Smile Thanks

Thanks to all of you who answered - most helpful. I have installed Zonealarm and am getting the latest McAfee Virus with weekly updates. I will use my cd r/w to back up and forget a zip drive. However I am having (another) problem with my cd which I will post in another message. Thanks again to all.

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