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I have multiple documents that a friend sent to me by burning them on a CD. They are scanned copies of text documents. I can open them in word. But all the pages are at 65% size. Which makes them virtually impossible to read. I can change each page individually by selecting it and clicking the "reset picture" button on the picture toolbar. But I cannot do them at the same time.

I have literally thousands of pages that I want to do this to, there has to be a better way. I have tried using the select all function but it doesn't select pictures. Maybe I need to use a different program. I don't have any fancy picture editors like photoshop. But I can borrow a copy if someone can tell me how to do it.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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using MS Word, you can group them together by holding the shift button down and left clicking on each picture. Then right click on one of the pictures and edit the properties.
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Are you formating pictures or text? You said they were text documents and you were using word. If it is text what has probably happened is the OCR (optical character recognition) software has attempted to format the document for you. Most likely this formating is interfering with Words default formating or Word is sticking the text into a text box.

Try using Notepad to filter all your text which will strip off the formating. Do a ctrl-a to select all the text then ctrl-c to copy it to the clipboard. Then open Notepad and ctrl-v to paste the text there. Then open a new Word document and reverse the procedure.

If your trying to use word to display lots of pictures of scanned text then your in for a lot of problems. I might suggest finding someone with Corel Draw or Microsoft Publisher which are better suited for this type of work. Of course the best approach might be to use Adobe Acrobat Publisher and turn the whole thing into a PDF file.

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