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reformating hard drive of 5 y/o Micron

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10-05-01, 01:58 PM   #1  
I have a 5 year old Micron that has never needed to have the hard drive reformatted. To this day it does not absolutely need to be done, but now that it is the spare computer, I can do such things to improve performance, programs that are no longer on the system have left clutter behind that I can't fix.
I have read some instructions online that were not complete, and any information from Win95 books have not been very helpful. I would like somebody to either reply with a complete run-through of the procedure, or refernce other sources of information. I have never had to do such a task, even though I am quite knowledgeable about most other comp. related things. Once I have a complete set of instructions, I can proceed with confidence.


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10-06-01, 04:13 AM   #2  

This has been covered several times and is in the archives. Do a search for "Formatting" or just "Format" and u will get all kinds of info!

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10-09-01, 03:18 PM   #3  
One biggie on reformating for Win95...

Win 98 and latter all have bootable CDs and Win98 makes systems floppy disks that boot the computer and gives you CD-Rom support. Win95 does neither.

This means if you type the infamous "format C:\ /s" you may not have a way of getting the info on your Win95 CD to the computer. At this point you will have no CD-ROM drivers and your computer won't recognize your CD.

Make sure you have a Win 95 or Dos 6 boot disk with the CD-ROM support and device drivers for your CD-ROM drive. Micron was pretty good about supplying those. You'll also want to make sure this floppy disk has fdisk, edit, scandisk, chkdsk, format, and mscdex.

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10-09-01, 03:40 PM   #4  
Younger guys

MrHo See I didn't even think of saying that... Does that mean MY software is getting old? Naw just the hardware... Seriously though, go spend the sixty or so dollars and upgrade to 98 of some kind. Not an upgrade CD but a 98 OS. 95 is so ancient that it is not going to be able to handle the current internet. I am just running ME and cannot wait for full blown XP! Rid of DOS! Pah-raise the electron gods for the demise of DOS!

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