My computer locks up


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My computer locks up only when in one area (location on the Internet). This started about 4 weeks ago.

I am using AOL 6.0. My comp has 128 MB ram, Pentium 3 700 MHZ. (Not sure about some of this spelling).

I have been told everything from a loose connection to dust can contribute to my problem.

Has someone experienced this and can give me some advice?

Please help me, this is sooo interupting. I have to reboot all the time.

Thanks !
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Cool Upgrade

Have you been to Windoze update and installed all the latest patches etc? Sounds like you are getting into some scripting that the computer doesn't like. Ccould be a bad Java script, DirectX problem etc. Go to <Tools> in IE 6.0 and select <Windows Update> and look for the neccassary patches. Or just don't go to that page.
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Thank you very much !

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