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My modem likes to go to 'sleep.'

I can be on one web page downloading the links for about two minutes and then my modem 'decides' to go to sleep.

What is causing this?

I have heard that it may have to do with TLL or TTL settings.

I would like to check all of the settings in the registery but do not know where to look.

My connection speed is not bad, sometimes up to 46,667, but after a few connection links, my modem decides to fall asleep.

Does anyone have an answer?

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When you say "goes to sleep". Do you mean it is tx/rx'ing just fine and then stops for a breif period and then seems to work fine for a bit? If this is the case you may wish to speak with your ISP and see if they are having any problems at the exchange you dial into. I was having the same problems and was told by my ISP that they had a switch that needed rebooting.


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