dancing icons


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I am using windows 98& my icons suddenly have started following my arrow around. I have to chase them to get connected to the internet. Have you a solution to this?
My husband was on his site and closed it out to bring my site up when this started happening. Also it is freezing up some now. Thanks for this site.
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I assume you have shut down the computer (power down not just reboot), and rebooted.

Do you have a good antivirus software with up to date definitions, and have you run a full virus scan after teh start of this problem.

anything in there that you can't reconize or account for ?

anything there that obviously shouldn't be there ?

download Startup Cop for free


It will tell you programs that automaticly start when windows starts. Be cautious , some programs must run when windows starts in order that windows operates properly or certain installed software functions fully, so a little deductive reasoning will be in order when you look at teh results and decide what to disable.

It would appear that some piece of software/or virus with or without your ok was installed from some site, and is likely causing your problem.

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dancing icons

Yes I had rebooted the computer. I have McAfee anti virus and ran it. It scanned and did not report a virus. I down loaded the cop program but do not know what to do. I do not know what is suppose to be in my start up. I am computer illiterate. Can you help again?
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Re: dancing icons

Could you possible post what was listed when you ran startup cop, and what is listed under START/PROGRAMS/START UP/
just like the childrens programs sesame street, we have have to find out what doesn't belong in the list.

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If dkerrs' suggestions don't produce results a possibility is a .hta file. These are ActiveX execute programs [run by MSHTA.EXE, and linked to Internet Explorer]. The file, itself, could be anywhere on the hard disk. Within Internet Cache files is one possibility. If a registry entry was made to the Internet Explorer preload list the .hta runs when Internet Explorer loads on startup. Disabling ActiveX controls, except for trusted sites, is not a bad idea.
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It may not be that malicious of a problem. I had a student who loved to right these little annoying programs. (Probably a hacker now) Two simple things to try.

1. Go to Start > Run and type in MSCONFIG
Click on the Starup Tap and see if anything there looks suspcious. If so uncheck it. You will rarely find anything in this section the computer absolutely needs to start up.

2. Do a control-alt-delete and use the close program command. After you close one program see if your problem stops. If not keep going until you have nothing left but "Explorer." If you find the program this way write down the name and use search to find and delete it.

If you don't find it using it either of these ways your back to the hard ways being suggested in previous posts.
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Cool No virus

Are you using your Active desktop as a webpage? Is it program specific? Is it only on the desktop? If you are using your active desktop turn it and see if that fixes it. This doesn't necessarily have to be an Active X problem. In talking with my guru he seems to think you have been hit with a destructive or nuisance Java script. I have seen those before but they were inside another joke like program and not on the desktop. McAfee may not see a virus per say as this may not be a virus. Some idiot that wrote a page you viewed may have got a line of code wrong and now you have a problem. He could have done it on purpose too. Also shutting down your Active X controls may affect other program, games etc. Where I hear about these types of problems the most are the blasted adult sites, type in a wrong address and wind up on Debbie does Detroit or some garbage like that. Anyway try above and get back with us, we’ll go from here…
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dancing icons

Thank you the problem is solved. All of your suggestions were of help. MY PROBLEM running two antivirus programs. I learn so much from this site. Thanks for being there.

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