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darrell McCoy
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lately my favotites articles will not stay where I put them.
If I move one from the bottom of list to farther up the list, When I bring the favories back up, it has returned to original position.
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You might try sending an e-mail to Bill Gates.
I've never been able to get my favorites to stay where I want them. About the best you can do is put them in folders using the Organize Favorite command. The folders seem to stay in place better for me.
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Have you right clicked a Favorite folder and chosen "Arrange by Name". This will put them in alphabetical order but may not be what you want. FWIW, my Favorites stay where I put them until I choose "Arrange by Name". There may be a setting we are missing or a corruption. Odd to me when I read your post days ago I went to MSKB and searched for "Organize Favorites" and got no hits. "Favorites" gets 7 hits, none of which help you. This is hard to believe with as many (thousands) articles as MSKB has....Mike
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darrell McCoy
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favorie update

I dont have these in a folder now. What is strange to me is I cant even get them to "Sort by" Usually they should come up in alphabetical order. Nothing works. have tried both favories buttons. If I go thru C/windows/favorites they are in order?? I would check Regedit, but this is more than I'd like to get into. Dont want to get to fouled up. Seems tnis did this months ago, then started working again. Stumped for sure..Thanks again
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Only question I have at this point is what version of Windows are you running and what version of Internet Explorer? I'm running an old 200 with WIN98 (Second Edition) with IE6.0. Arranging Favorites is just drag and drop. Also should note that I hit Mickey-Soft every week or so and download the latest upgrades.

Sounds like you are a couple microns out of step with what is going on in the real world. Key word is "Upgrade".

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darrell McCoy
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Update on Favories files:
Deleted several seldom used favorites, NOW favorites file is working OK. Still stumped, but if it isn't broke don't fix it. Thanks
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Hey Smokey, I read your comment about being out of step with what is going on in the real world a few days ago when posted and thought to myself "Wow am I really out of step". I also have Win 98se and have had it for two years now. My system came with IE 5.01 and that is what is still on it and it has never been upgraded and will not be although support is now unavailable. I have never been to the M$ upgrade site and until there is something I think I need I never will. One of the reasons I don't need the multi MB download updates or patches is I don't use OE or Outlook nor any mail system that downloads as I connect due to these programs being weak in the VBS department which is to put it mildly pitiful. I run no anti virus, have never had a virus and won't unless it comes from a download or some code that invades me at a website which as I see it is unlikely. Point of this diatribe is it is possible to enjoy a good working PC without the constant updates and pursuit of antivirus updates when I would rather spend my time on something positive. I do keep up with updates that may help others and have never heard of an update for Favorite problems(of course not that there aren't any) I suppose because I have never seen Favorite problems that couldn't be traced to user error or file corruption of some kind. As for dragging and dropping to organize favorites that can't be done in Organize Favorites other than moving an item up or down in the list in a given folder but not from folder to folder so you must do it as I do in Windows Explorer which is faster and easier. I would be interested to know what updates would help a Win98 user beyond the patches needed to keep fighting the VBS holes and other troubles people import into their systems. I do realize some bad copies if Win98 have shutdown problems that require a patch but this type of problem is scarce. As always, great chatting with you and this is just a point of view as I see it....Mike
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darrell McCoy
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Hi Mike:
Maybe not on the favotires subject. But while on the downloading thing. Years ago I had an ACER computer, worked great for about 7 months. Then continuous problems. Back to factory a couple times, 3 hard drives, motherboard and you name it. They gave it an A-1?? Well shortly afterwards, same problems. Finally blessed my grandson with the darn thing.
His Father uninstalled their software, installed another. Over a year now and trouble free. I had heard some of there software was a big problem, of course no one would admit this. Thanks
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