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I tried to open an attachment, and a sign popped up saying this is not a valid Win32 application. It was a Boeing.pp (407KB) attachment. I know who sent it and have scaned it, so I would like to open it.

Can anyone tell me how to open it? Bet you guys are hoping I will learn how to operate this computer soon!!
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It all depends on what the attachment is suppose to be. the .pp extension dosn't give us any clues. Programs almost always end with ".exe" which stands for executable. My guess is that this is a data file that will need to be opened by another program. Find out from the person who sent it to you where it came from and what program created it.

Sometimes you can use Notepad to open files like this. Even if it is a data file, like a picture, sometimes in the garbage text there some clear text that gives you a clue of what kind of file you have.

By the way is it maybe Boeing.pp_ sometimes programs change the last letter to disguise the file type. Try renaming the file Boing.ppt which is the extension used for PowerPoint.
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Question renaming file

My friend said I do need powerpoint to open it, but how do I change the file name? I don't even know what power point is!! I sent it to my daughter and she couldn't open it either.
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Power point is a presentation porgram from MS that allows you to give slide show presentations. It is usualy bundled with MS-Office. Changing the extension will probably not do you any good. But you can try, open windows exporer (not IE) find the file in question, right click on it and select rename, choose an extension that you have an associated porgam installed on your system. Since the file is not an executable file it will give you an error if you name it boeing.exe.....Just tried to rename a powerpoint file with the doc extension, didn't work. It did open but I cant read code jibberish. All other extensions I tried gave me the same jibberish when the file was opened.

Your best bet is to request that the sender save the file as a .jpg file, then when you open it it will open in IE or the program you use to view pictures. OR upgrade to MS office 97 r 2000. You should be able to pick up office 97 pretty cheap.


P.s powerpoint usualy has an extension of .ppt

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Cool P.P.

If you are using Windoze ME you can right click and select "Open With" and try to open it with Internet Explorer. Otherwise you will need Power Point.
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Thanks for all the help. I finally got it opened. I went to the Microsoft download site, and downloaded a Power Point viewer. I should have already had this on my computer, but when I did an on line restore, I lost a lot of things. I have been wanting to do a complete restore with the CD that came with my computer, to see if I can get them back, but haven't gotten to it yet. One thing that is stopping me, is that I paid for my Norton antivirus on line, and now I don't know how to keep it with a complete restore. I'm almost ashamed to write with another problem. I don't want to lose my antivirus that is already paid for.
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Cool Norton

You will have to contact Norton and get the serial numbers, whatever from them. You should have got something from them when you downloaded from them. A confirmation number etc. Then re-download Norton and save it to a folder on your hard drive. Is your drive partitioned? If not, (what size is your HD?) instead of formatting at this stage I would suggest going to Best Buy whatever and buy a 10 gig drive or so and install it as a second drive. Then save all important downloads etc to this drive. Email, pictures, letters, expense accounts. I advise this because it sounds to me you like to play and until you get good with Windoze you are going to make mistakes! Boy can I tell you stories about my mistakes! But when u do get around to finally giving up one day and formatting I suggest breaking the main drive or "C" into at least two partitions "C & D" and leaving the second drive "E" alone (CD ROM now being "F"). This will give you even more storage for those rainy days when u say heck with it and format. Also the second drive can be used for ur virtual memory. I have been doing this for years now and swear it makes a diff. By using the second drive for the virtual memory you speed up access time on the "C" drive for programming opening. I have a little 3 gig JTS drive in my computer for nothing more than virtual memory and system backup. And away we go...
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